Malaysia Singapore MPL Winning Teams

MPL Malaysia Singapore

This time, we will discuss the lineup of MPL (Mobile Legends Professional League) winning teams in Malaysia and Singapore. Our decision to discuss this is because many of you don't know it. Moreover, this prestigious event from the neighboring country is also quite interesting because the competition is combined with esports teams from Singapore.

Even so, this competition is no longer combined with the Lion Country anymore because the last country has decided to start holding its first series of MPL. Therefore, we will not linger any longer to immediately provide the information to you.

This is a row of MPL ML SG winning teams


It was followed by 10 teams (2 teams from Singapore and 8 teams from Malaysia) who played in the Regular Season MPL Malaysia Singapore Season 1. There were only teams that were ranked 1 to 8 which were confirmed to qualify for the next round. In detail, in 'Upper Bracket' there are Airasia Saiyan, Louvre SG, MYA, Mystic Burden, IDNS SG, Mysterious Assassin, Tyrants and Team Eksdi.

However, the teams that suffered defeat in the 'Upper Bracket' will immediately play in the 'Lower Bracket'.

However, IDNS SG's step, which is actually a representative from Malaysia, is actually quite powerful. Ending, in second place final standings. In appearance, the team was very attractive in the 'Upper Bracket' round, the semifinals and the final round. Perhaps, in his last match against the Tyrants, it was also extraordinary because they were able to beat him with a landslide score of 3-0.

  • Saiyan Reborn

With a competition system that is not much different from the previous one, MPL Malaysia Singapore Season 2 presents quite a big surprise. Moreover, in this series the two teams from Singapore who played were also confirmed to be different. Unfortunately, representatives from the Lion Country actually failed to win this event.

Moreover, the team that managed to win this event was actually at a disadvantage and had never been championed. Yes, the team that won this event at that time was Saiyan Reborn. Occupying the last position in the final standings, the journey from Loong cs is also quite steep because they have to qualify for the final match via the 'Lower Bracket' route.

However, this performance while playing in the Lower Bracket was quite impressive because it managed to wipe out all the wins with a landslide score of 2-0. In fact, in their peak match they were able to beat EVOS SG with a thin score of 3-2.

  • Geek Fam

Being in third place in the final standings, Geek Fam's performance was fairly easy to secure the MPL Malaysia Singapore Season 3 title. The proof is that they managed to secure victory in the 'Upper Bracket' until the peak match.

In the 'Upper Bracket' round, the team fronted by 2ez4jepv, Rippo, Xorn, Artz, Dominus and Feekz was able to beat Nara Esports SG (1-2) and Bigetron SG (1-2) in the semifinals. In their final match, they managed to beat EVOS Esports SG with a score of 3-1.

  • EVOS Esports SG

It can be said that MPL Malaysia Singapore Season 4 is a revival for a team from Singapore, EVOS Esports SG. Remembering, the team in the two previous editions continued to successfully penetrate the final round. Unfortunately, in those two editions, they had to be willing to give up their dream of securing the MPL Malaysia-Singapore title.

However, they were also able to win the MPL Malaysia Singapore title for Season 4. To note, Potato cs' success in getting the title was also fairly easy. Not only complete the final standings by occupying the top position. EVOS Esports SG also went easy when playing in the 'Upper Bracket', from the semifinals to the finals.

  • resurgence

Playing pretty well by ending the Regular Season in first place, Resurgence had to win the MPL Malaysia Singapore Season 5 with difficulty. This can happen after they get a ticket to the final from the Lower Bracket. Moreover, previously they had played in the Upper Bracket.

Even so, in the final match they were able to beat Geek Fam, who previously defeated Resurgence in the semifinals with a score of 1-3.

  • Sword

Perhaps, Todak's journey to win the MPL Malaysia Singapore Season 6 title will be not much different from EVOS Esports SG when it won season 4. The proof is that Moon cs managed to rank first in the final standings of the Regular Season.

After that, they did not encounter significant difficulties when playing in the Upper Bracket, semifinals and finals. For details, Todak won against Red Reborn (2-0, upper bracket), Evos SG (2-1, semifinal) and Evos SG (3-1).

Apart from that, this year's MPL Malaysia Season 7 will be different because they no longer invite Singaporean teams. As a result, the competition will be purely filled by esports teams from the neighboring country and now the competition has entered its sixth week.

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