ONIC PH Roster for MPL PH Season 11


The ONIC PH roster for MPL PH Season 11 has been announced. Announcement of the ONIC PH Season 11 roster was announced via its official Instagram channel.

ONIC PH is a Mobile Legends Team under ONIC Esports.

This team has participated in the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in the world, the M Series twice.

ONIC PH took part in the M1 World Championship and the M3 World Championship.

Who is ONIC PH's roster in MPL PH Season 11?

Let's see!

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ONIC PH Roster for MPL PH Season 11

ONIC roster
ONIC roster for MPL PH Season 11

ONIC PH has issued an official announcement regarding the coaches and players who will be fielded in MPL PH Season 11.

Coach's seat is still filled by Coach Bluffzy. Later Coach Bluffzy will be assisted by Coach Lyrick as assistant coach.

For more details, here are the ONIC PH roster details for MPL PH Season 11:

  • Archie “Pancake Gaming” Gueverra Jr. or also known as “AkosiDogieFanboy”
  • David “BOSS A” Gamboa
  • Landher “ONIC Der” San Gabriel
  • Kenneth “ONIC Nets” Barro
  • Nowee “ONIC Ryota” Macasa
  • Stephen Jasper “ONIC Sensui” Castillo
  • Frince Miguel “Onic Frince” Ramirez
  • Jefferson “ONIC Kekedoot” Mogo
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ONIC PH's journey in MPL

ONIC PH logo

Onic PH has a long way to go in the history of MPL PH. The team has started playing MPL since MPL PH Season 4.

As reported by Liquipedia, in the tournament this team managed to sit in second place after losing with a score of 2:3 and getting a prize of $21,000.

Even though in second place, it ensured that the team would get a slot in the first M Series, M1 World Championship Mobile Legends.

ONIC PH had to settle for 9-12th in the tournament with a prize of $4000.

Furthermore, ONIC PH was again runner up after losing to Sunsparks again in MPL PH Season 5. They lost with a score of 3-1 and won a prize of $21,000.

Then, in MPL PH Season 6 they also had to settle for fourth place after losing to Execration with a score of 3-2.

This team also took part in the MLBB tournament again, MPL PH Season 7. This time they were in 7-8 position after losing again to Execration with a score of 3-2.

In MPL PH Season 8 they managed to become runner up again and get the M3 World Championship Mobile Legends slot.

At that time, ONIC PH was defeated by Blacklist International with a score of 4-1.

They then took part in the One Esports MPL Invitational 2021. The team lost 2-0 to RRQ Hoshi, the Mobile Legends Team from Indonesia.

After that, this team also showed their ability in the M3 World Championship.

They made it to the Grand Final round of the tournament.

ONIC PH competed against Blacklist International in the Grand Final round.

As a result, they had to settle for second place after losing badly with a score of 4-0.

Even though they lost, they managed to take home a prize of $120,000.

In MPL PH Season 9 they had to settle for fourth place after losing to Omega Esports with a score of 3-0.

Then, in MPL PH Season 10 they lost 3-0 to RSG PH.

So, they don't get a slot to the M4 World Championship in Jakarta on 1-15 January 2023.

Where, the two teams sent by the Philippines in the tournament were ECHO PH and Blacklist International.

The two teams then met in the Grand Final match.

As a result, ECHO PH managed to defeat the M3 World Championship champion with a 4-0 result.

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