EPIC , Riot Games Strengthens Valorant Indonesia Server! No Chance For Cheaters! #1

Riot Games Strengthens Valorant Indonesia Servers! No Chance For Cheaters! 

Valorant Indonesia server is officially launched. The enthusiasm of domestic gamers is very high. This is evidenced by the large number of spectators who participated in the launch of this game. At its opening, Valorant managed to get around 1.7 viewers.

Riot Games, which is the developer of the game, did not waste this enthusiasm. Even Riot Games has also prepared a special strategy to develop the Valorant Indonesia Community. Here are some strategies that Riot Games are currently implementing.

Using a Strong Anti-Cheat System

Riot Games Strengthens Valorant Indonesia Servers! No Chance For Cheaters!
source: google.com

In a game at the level of Valorant, this time Riot Games has developed a very strong anti-cheat system. The system applies to all game modes. The system will easily detect if there are parties who try to cheat by using cheats.

The punishment for cheaters in the Valorant game is not a joke. Quotes we took from the site”Indonesian Esports“, said that accounts used for cheating will be permanently banned. This also applies to old accounts that are proven to have cheated in the game.

This system is expected to add to the comfort of all players. Sportsmanship that is continuously maintained is one of the goals of Riot Games which is still developing this game, especially in Indonesia. The result did not disappoint because of the growing number of Valorant fans.

Optimize the Services of Influencers

Riot Games Strengthens Valorant Indonesia Servers! No Chance For Cheaters!
source: google.com

No one doubts the influence of influencers to develop a game. This time Riot Games also decided to work with some influencers. These influencers are tasked with helping Riot Games promote Valorant.

Influencers who work with Riot Games will promote the game Valorant consistently. In fact, they will also show the gameplay and how the game runs through the live feature on several social media platforms.

This method is very effective to do now. The influence of these influencers has covered almost all market segments for the game. Many gamers need other players' tips and tricks. This will also be obtained through influencers.

The influencers who work with Riot Games are also trying to provide explanations and promote ongoing events in the game. This method is one of the techniques being used to develop the Valorant server.

Holding Interesting Events Periodically

Riot Games Strengthens Valorant Indonesia Servers! No Chance For Cheaters!
source: google.com

Currently, Valorant consistently holds regular events for game play. There are several events that invite players to learn Valorant Indonesia. Although currently playing together is only done online, it has proven to be quite a lot of fans.

In the first year it was inaugurated, this game also always held the Valorant Indonesia tournament which allows players to participate and compete with other players from other regions. This event is very effective in increasing the popularity of the game.

The players who want to join the game, the conditions needed are not difficult. Only by registering an account that will be used, gamers can join in various levels of the match.

Maximizing Game Play Valorant

Riot Games Strengthens Valorant Indonesia Servers! No Chance For Cheaters!
source: google.com

Riot Games Party also continues to develop the playing experience of gamers by continuing to develop gameplay on Valorant. If bugs or other problems appear, Riot Games will immediately resolve and resolve these problems properly.

This service is one way for Riot Games to keep players afloat and continue playing Valorant. There are several reviews that have been given by players regarding their experience in playing Valorant.

The reviews from these players are taken very seriously by Riot Games so that in the future it is hoped that players can get a more exciting playing experience. His fans are currently still growing and become one of the favorite games.

For vicigers who want to try the game Valorant, vicigers can directly download Valorant and follow all the directions in the game. The optimal playing experience is guaranteed to make gamers keep wanting to play the game.

Riot Games is still developing this game both in terms of the interface in the game and in terms of the gameplay in the game. Expected Valorant Indonesia server will always develop and continue to survive as one of the most popular games in Indonesia.

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