The Riot Eradicates Criminals On The Streets in Chaos Road: Combat Racing

Actions of crime are sweeping the city where criminals are wreaking havoc everywhere. Being a crime fighting hero, the player's mission is to protect the city from criminal acts by eliminating the band of criminals one by one. Games Chaos Road: Combat Racing made by Zeeppo Games is really fun to play.

Super Great Vehicles

in games Chaos Road: Combat Racing  In this game, players will rely on a super vehicle to eradicate crime in various corners of the city. Even though driving a car, it's just that the concept of this game is not racing, but shooters or shooting. That's because the vehicle has a sophisticated weapon system that can crush every criminal who roams the city streets.

Vehicle Control

To control the vehicle, player Chaos Road: Combat Racing simply slide your fingertip across the screen. The car fired automatically, it's just that this vehicle can only go left and right, can't be moved up or down. So all the cars that run on city streets are definitely criminals who must be destroyed.


So deep Chaos Road: Combat Racing  This car that players use has a life bar indicator that goes down if it hits another car, or is shot by an enemy weapon. If the condition of the life bar runs out, the player's car will automatically explode so that the game is over. The life bar can be filled again by using power up healing. Healing power ups are obtained by shooting at ambulances.

Power Ups

Players can collect power ups on the streets after killing opponents. Here the player immediately gets a variety of special effects. For example, getting a drone that will help players shoot enemies with more precision, magnetic power that is useful for picking up coins, or a turbo boost for shielding from enemy attacks while cleaning up everything on the streets that interferes. Not just power ups, deep Chaos Road: Combat Racing Players can also upgrade cars to make them even more powerful. There are three elements that can be upgraded, including the main weapon, support weapon, and armor. In order to be able to upgrade, you need money that is collected during shootouts with criminals on the streets. Another interesting thing that is also common in similar games is the presence of bosses. In each area, players are required to defeat a bad boss. The battle against the evil boss takes place in a tense boss battle. By defeating the boss, players can automatically catch the next boss.

Combination of 2D and 3D Visuals

Chaos Road: Combat Racing  is actually a game with a 3D format but also features a 2D style. Once or twice the player will be able to watch the game up close like a 3D game, when the game's angle view changes from panoramic view to being viewed from behind. Game Chaos Road: Combat Racing is also equipped with music and audio effects which make it very fun to play. It's just that, players cannot make car customization. Even so, players can redeem new cars with attractive designs, of course, using the money collected.

Free games

Chaos Road: Combat Racing  is a free-to-play game on Android. Players can purchase a number of items by paying with real money. For example, the premium currency that applies to completing a continue or paying a Special to complete a vehicle. This game also implements a stamina system in the form of a gas tank. Even though this game can be run without the internet, a number of advantages will be obtained if players want to play it online, namely getting daily prizes.

Chaos Road: Combat Racing  seems to take the idea from the game Fastlane: Road to Revenge which first introduced the racing and shooter genre. Even so, Chaos Road: Combat Racing deserves to add the word "Chaos" because it is capable of displaying a riotous atmosphere that is exciting and tense.

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