Review of The Sims Mobile, A Game of Controlling Others

Games The Sims Mobile Android will give you control over other people's lives. How do you manage their life in The Sims Mobile? Check out the reviews of the latest Android games that are starting to rise in popularity around the world.

The Sims is one of the most popular and famous PC games ever. The idea is simple: players are responsible for the lives of different people. Players will furnish their homes, send them to work and allow them to form friendships and relationships.

Maybe this game series is better known for its sadistic side. For example, a player who lets Sims swim and then releases the ladder, so he can no longer get out. Or the player can create a maze for the entire house which causes Sims to get lost on their way to work and meanwhile go to the bathroom and start crying because they are hungry. Now The Sims Mobile has arrived with more or less the same concept.

The Real Sims

This isn't the first time The Sims has been brought to mobile devices. The previous The Sims Freeplay game offered a wider mobile version of the original series. However, The Sims Mobile feels like a more complete game. This game is also made by the same studio as the original series.

The Sims Mobile mostly as you know about the past The Sims games. Players make Sims feel at home, build relationships, engage in sports hobbies and put them to work. Still, The Sims Mobile feels a lot like a mobile game. It features expiration timers, currencies, energy indicators and all sorts of complementary things that can be purchased if you put real money into it.

It takes a lot of time

The Sims Mobile is a game that takes up a lot of your time. The game starts when the player creates the first Sims. Then the player arranges several rooms and starts the first job. At work, players immediately realize to determine how much time will be spent playing. Players can activate tasks and then do something else, or players can actively help by activating small tasks.

These tasks do consume energy. If the player waits, a task for example will take an hour. Once the player spends energy then the task can be completed in an instant. That applies to all activities, such as taking up a hobby or spending time in a relationship.

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