Spider-Man Review: Miles Morales, Fun Game for PS4/PS5

Spider-Man game review: Miles Morales. One of Sony's most memorable games of 2018 is Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4. This game is very similar to the Batman Arkham series. And now comes Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales as a game for PS5 devices. Spider-Man and Sony PlayStation have a long relationship. When the PlayStation 3 was released, it coincided with the first trilogy of Spider-Man films playing in theaters.

Such a deep connection is partly because Spider-Man has so far held the extraordinary position of Marvel's superheroes. Sony has acquired the rights to Spider-Man a long time ago. As a result, this superhero can never be found in other Marvel films. But that stopped when Sony started producing the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. Sony asked Marvel to make a movie with the superhero itself. That's only allowed if Sony isn't running another production with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

As a result, the last two Sony Pictures films are very different indeed. Namely Venom, in which the anti-hero Venom plays a major role (and Spider-Man is not seen for a second) and the animated film Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse. It was a cartoon series where Miles Morales appeared, after multiple universes collided. However, Miles Morales also appeared in the previous game.


Much like Marvel's Spider-Man, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is all about his story. Miles Morales has studied under Peter Parker for some time. He began to be very nimble as a replacement for the great Spider-Man. In fact, Miles also really began to develop his own style, in addition to almost all of Peter Parker's moves he has mastered. Miles Morales has skills using nets to swing, attack enemies, crawl or run on walls, Venom Blast (expertise in immobilizing opponents using bio-electricity, and charging or draining electronics), Camouflage (temporary invisibility), and Mega Venom Blast (power to attack multiple nearby enemies with a huge bio-electrical blast).

Other moves, such as Venom Dash and Venom Jump, will be unlocked either during the story or through the skill tree. Miles also has access to his unique flagship gadget, Remote Mines, which can attach to enemies. Also a series of electrical panels, devices that can summon holographic fighters to aid them in battle, as well as Gravity Wells that can trap multiple enemies and make them easier to attack. It's certainly very interesting to play it immediately after its predecessor game. Games that are built are much more varied. For example the enemy base is made with a much more unique approach. They also have their own playable stories.


Because Miles Morales immediately gets various great moves, it doesn't feel like players need to start to get to know the characters being played. But the Insomniac developers didn't stop there. The combat system has been refined. This makes it easier to perform combos and build the final move with them. In previous games the player had to make choices during the battle. This makes in-game combat more natural and enjoyable. And what is certain is that the challenges given will make players continue to play it.

PlayStation 5 experience

On PlayStation 5, players can play Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales in two graphic modes. Namely in Fidelity mode with Ray Tracing or performance mode. The latter provides the most beautiful graphics, but makes the console hardware work very hard. Sony then not only beat the PlayStation 4 in graphics, but also in terms of sound output. Performance mode is less splendid, but provides fast 4K frame rates.

Another thing that's really nice is how fast the game loads. That's thanks to the NVME SSD from PlayStation 5. NVME is the latest innovation in the field of storage by applying the PCIe 3.0 utility as used in graphics cards. The processing speed of NVME SSDs is thousands of times faster than regular SSDs. The Dual Sense controller is also very well supported by Insomniac. The adaptive triggers work great as players swing through cities and give them the precise control they're looking for in the game.

Do you like playing as a superhero in a fantastic open world? It's right to choose Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Even if you are one of the 99%s who still cannot buy a PlayStation 5. This game title can be played on the PS4 console. Given that the gameplay is so excellent, you have no reason to wait until you buy a PS5. Have a nice play!

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