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Minion Rush Review: Despicable Me Official Game!, Running with Minions is ridiculous

Minions Rush
Point was very memorable and enthralling after watching the Despicable Me film, namely the presence of a flock of tiny and cute Minions plus their behavior
how ridiculous. The cute creature was so popular that a separate film was made, namely Minions. Currently a collaboration between Universal Studios,
Gamesloft and developer Illumination bring the cute minions to smartphones in Minion Rush : Despicable Me Official
Minions Rush
Endless Running
The Minion Rush game is principally an endless runner where players will move their minions while working on them
provided tasks. This game provides exciting moments for players to race with Minion herds at the same time through various iconic places
Despicable Me.
The technique of moving the little creatures in Minion Rush is not that different from other games with the endless running concept. A number of minions immediately run by themselves without the need to be told by the player. Then the player's obligation is to move it to the right and left so it doesn't hit an obstacle. Players also have to move the Minions to jump up or slide down to pass under obstacles. This of course requires expertise which can be obtained by trying it many times so proficient.
Completing Goals
The Minion Rush game is not made completely without limits, because players are also provided with goals or missions that must be completed. Often these goals
Issued every few minutes, the variety is quite diverse. For example a mission to collect 100 bananas, or run for 15 seconds. If the player can do the task, the player can continue to the next level. Players still have to be vigilant because sometimes the task is very challenging and rather difficult to complete.
Costumes with Skills
In Minion Rush : Despicable Me Official Game! players can collect costumes. Then run with Carl, Dave, Mel or Jerry.
The various costumes provided vary where each costume also brings special skills. For example, the referee costume whose skill is to give 20 percent more bananas when worn, then there is the Island Hopper costume with the skill to count on a timer 10 percent more while running.
Players can collect dozens of types of costumes in this Minion Rush. When the player looks at the bottom of the screen, there is a button that displays the details of the costume skill being used by the Minion. This button has a kind of meter indicator that automatically fills when the player is running or when collecting bananas along the way. After the meter indicator is full, the player only needs to touch it if he wants to run the skill.
Beautiful Visuals
Like the film, players will certainly like the visual treats in the Minion Rush game because the animation is really life-like. Players will too
running through the Residential Area where Gru and his daughter are. Also through the Pyramids in Egypt, where Eduardo lived, and
many more. What's even more exciting is that while running, the players will be accompanied by music with a happy beat. Of course also the noise of the Minion's voice
as heard in the film.
Online game
Like a free game made by Gameloft, Minion Rush also requires that the device used is connected to the internet when playing. That's because the game downloaded from the Google Play Store, only the core file. All add ons must be downloaded when the player reaches a certain level. Because
online necessity is the result that the ads that appear can not be avoided. The appearance of advertisements in the form of videos feels very annoying.
So that the developer also provides a kind of shop for micro transactions when players want to buy Tokens paid currency, or redeem Pods in the game Minion Rush.
Minion Rush deserves to be added to Despicable Me Official Game. Because unless it's really similar to what's in the film, the gameplay is different
presented is also challenging so that players will not get bored easily. It's just that sometimes ad videos come out for a long enough duration
disturbing the fun of playing.
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