Immortals Fenyx Rising Review, The Story of Greece

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising a game that tells about ancient Greece. The developer of this game is certainly no stranger to you. They are the developers who make Assassin's Creed : Odyssey with all kinds of frenzy in cyberspace. Surely we will no doubt be pleasantly surprised. The works of this developer are very good so there are many gamer feel satisfied when playing it.

This game is not about the mysterious world of Ancient Greece. However, this game is more focused on adventures that have fantastic graphics. The main character is played by a young boy who is stranded on a golden island. Then after waking up from his stupor, he attempted to find a side crew. What surprised Fenyx the main character was that almost all of his crew turned to stone.

After learning about this, Fenyx found out the cause. He finally knew the story which was quite surprising and resigned. Hermes informs that the world has fallen and the Olympians suffer a painful defeat from Typhon. Hermes also said that Fenyx was the only person who could change this situation. In addition, he must also be able to defeat Typhon and bring peace back.

The Entertaining Immortals Fenyx Rising Story

From many games such as Immortals Fenyx Rising, this turns out to bring quite a striking difference. You will be able to interact with Gods as well as past heroes from Ancient Greek Mythology. Fenyx himself is described as a figure who does not attack. His personality is liked by many people because he is easy to get along with. In addition, at first this character was said to be a fun person and could bring about change.

Fenyx at the beginning also had almost no combat experience. However, with a high willingness to learn, he was finally able to become a great character. He is able to overcome the obstacles that exist with all the limitations at the beginning. For the narration, this will be narrated by Prometheus & Zeus consecutively. So you definitely won't feel bored when playing this game. Moreover, this is interspersed with funny stories that are sure to make us laugh.

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