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Google Nest Audio
Google Home 2016 finally got a successor that not only looks different, but also produces better sound. Google speakers who
more affordable is ideal for listening to music. Four years is a long time. Google took years to
released the successor to the successful Google Home, the company's first smart speaker.
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Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio launched without much fanfare, but it has everything it takes to be the next trend. Listen review short Google Nest Audio in terms of design, audio quality and all its smart features including the Google Assistant.
Ease of installation
Installing Nest Audio is very easy even if you've never installed a similar device at all. After plugging in, open
Home application and wait a few seconds. Nest Audio will then appear on its own and follow the on-screen instructions. During installation you can further choose whether to send relevant user statistics to Google or not. You will also use the Home application to adjust sound settings.
Stylish design
Google Nest Audio is not in the least bit like its predecessors, but more like other Nest products. Naturally, because between the emergence of Google Home and Nest Audio, Google actually said goodbye to the Home brand name. A new brand name needs a new look and design
Nest Audio is similar to other Nest products, such as the Nest Mini speaker and the Nest Wifi Router. This new Google speaker looks high quality too
and therefore fits into almost any room interior. The design adopted is an upright rectangle with soft corners and sides
rounded. Google offers it in five different colors so that consumers can match the interior decoration of the room.
The body is made from a mixture of recycled aluminum and magnesium. Then wrapped in a recycled plastic mesh cloth which greatly softens the appearance of the speaker. When Google first introduced the fabric for its Home Mini speakers a few years ago, many doubted how durable the fabric was. Would the cloth actually collect a lot of dust? In later years, it seems that those concerns were largely unfounded as the fabrics did not appear too dusty or dirty, even for normal use.
Aluminum and magnesium are not common speaker enclosure materials. Google chose it for its sustainability and robustness. The two materials also function as thermal dissipators which will support keeping the internal components cool. There is no buzzing or rattling when Nest Audio is turned on, even at maximum volume. It's a compact and sturdy little device with a decent weight.
Better and louder sound
It's not just the design that has been improved. The biggest improvement over Nest Audio is the sound quality. Audio quality has improved tremendously. Hardener
Not only can the sound be much louder (about 75 percent) than Google Home's, the bass is also greatly improved (up to 50 percent). Therefore,
Nest Audio is good and loud enough to deliver background music, whatever genre you want to listen to. Do you want to complete the space
large guest with audio system? You can link two (or more) Nest Audio together which will produce great sound
fuller and wider.
Nest Audio's sound enhancements come from the 19mm tweeter and 75mm mid-woofer. The first ensures that the smart Google speaker too
can handle high notes, such as songs by vocalists, while the mid-woofer is especially added value for fans of hip-hop, house, and other styles of music with a lot of bass. However, Nest Audio is no substitute for a conventional stereo set. The sound quality is good enough for background music or for listening to podcasts. Therefore, Nest Audio is ideal for people who find the Nest Mini's sound quality too poor, but don't want to buy smart speakers.
Smart speaker
This new Google speaker, of course, comes with the Google Assistant. So you can ask Nest Audio for weather forecast info, what's on today's schedule, and the name of the actor/actress of a hit movie. What's even more interesting is that the Google Assistant volume automatically adjusts according to the circumstances. That way, you can always use the voice assistant, even if you have loud music on. Google has invested heavily in digital assistants in recent years for even better results. The Google Assistant on these Nest Audio devices generally works well. But if you don't like this smart assistant feature, on the back there is a button to turn off the microphone. An orange light on the front indicates that the Google Assistant is not listening to you. This is a very practical option.
Final, Google has added some smart features to the speakers, such as Media EQ. This feature will ensure that the sound adapts to the type of content you are listening to. In other words, when you play a podcast and then activate a Spotify playlist, the audio settings are automatically adjusted for the best sound.

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