Monster Chef Game Review, Concocting Delicious Monster Menu

Monster Chef
Starting from negligence when cooking noodles, then suddenly a scary monster appeared from inside the bottle. But this was no ordinary monster because he was far from violent. Because this monster only wants to be a reliable chef. Maybe for some people, the chef in the form of a monster is too much. But it happened in Coconut Island's Monster Chef game.

Monster Hunt

Game Monster Chef tells the story of the Dark Cuisine group, where the members are explorers who are not afraid to go on adventures
to foreign places. Dark Cuisine's mission is to try various types of menus that have never been eaten before. In this Monster Chef game, players take on the role of a monster chef named Sootsoot. These characters come in to help hunt down monsters that can produce food. These various foodstuffs are then cooked by players while trying to get as much profit as possible in order to continue to expand their influence to the underground area.

Game Mode

In order to be able to carry out the task of a reliable Chef, players in this Monster Chef game must complete three different game modes. The first is to catch monsters so that they can provide food, then players must process these ingredients to produce delicious dishes to eat. Then finally the dish can be offered to people for profit. That's how the Monster Chef game goes.

Hunting Monsters

In this Monster Chef game, the player is tasked with hunting down monsters with the appearance of the game being a collection of tiles. So players can move
free from one tile to another tile. His mission is to hunt down green monsters that roam around. But players must be vigilant, because if you meet a monster
red, then they will attack the player. Once you can meet a monster, the view automatically changes to a smaller area. On
In this area, players only have a small number of steps but still with the mission of capturing monsters from their hiding places.
Interestingly, each monster in Monster Chef has a different hiding pattern from one another. Therefore the player must be able to correctly determine the digging point to catch the monster.


The monsters caught in the Monster Chef game are then used as seeds to be planted in the fields owned by the players.
For example the Rice Wizard will grow rice, while the Dodo monster can produce eggs, while the Iceberd monster will
produce lettuce. The monsters grow food for a certain period of time.

Creating Recipes

If you have obtained food ingredients to cook, then players can start making recipes and then cook them in pots. Determined by how
Players create recipes by entering the composition of ingredients into the cauldron. For example, if a player adds two units of rice then it can
produces delicious Rice Balls, while if you add some lettuce you will get garlic vegetables.

Food factory

After successfully concocting delicious food recipes, players can start cooking them in large quantities. The goal is to be peddled
to the people of the world above. Of course, the customers didn't seem to know that the dish was concocted and cooked by a herd of monsters.
But because the dish was super delicious, of course no one would care who the chef was. That's the task of players in the game Monster Chef. Relax at the same time
fun, and of course makes players curious about what other monsters can be caught and then what menu they will cook.

Cartoon-style treats

Games Monster Chef presents two kinds of visuals. The first is an isometric visual where when the player is on a different farm,
he manages which also functions as a place to cook and then sell food. The visual illustrates if the agricultural land belongs to
The herd of monsters is located underground, so the more space there is, of course the lower you go. The other visual is when players are looking for monsters, here players will see from the top, for example Doom Forest, The Barrens, Mariana Trench, and also the M79 Nebula. Of course, with the easy going music accompaniment as well as beautiful animation, the Monster Chef game won't be boring.

Online game

Monster Chef game can only be played on mobile phones that have an internet connection. But thanks to this online requirement, players will also be able to
follow the latest events. This Monster Chef game does not apply a stamina mechanism, but players can pay paid currency, namely magic potions using real currency.
Monster Chef game will definitely make players curious for the first time trying it. Various appearances of monsters will definitely make
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