Idle Ants Android Game Review, Let's Learn from Ants

Idle Ants
Game reviews Idle Ants. Indeed, there are many Android games that feature animal characters. But only a few choose ants. Ants become
real ruler of the world.
Just look at these little animals found everywhere. Its power is able to invade the food that exists only in
a moment ago. Idle Ants is an Android game that tells the story of the world of ants and all their problems.
It can be said, even though it is not obvious, ants are always working to expand their territory and develop their groups. However, ants don't
really incarnated as the king of the world because one colony and another colony are always in conflict. As human nature. Game Idle Ants made
This Madbox does not raise the theme of fighting between ant colonies, but the aspect of tenacity and patience when searching and collecting
food. How exciting is it to play the Idle Ants game about this ant simulation?

Learning from Ants

In actual situations, perhaps when they encounter a colony of ants that are gathering to invade food, humans kill them immediately
use insecticides. However, in this Idle Ants game, players will see ants more intimately. That includes the ant's unbearable patience
tireless in carrying all the crumbs of food scattered on the ground and then carrying them into the nest piece by piece.

Casual Games

In the Idle Ants game, there are no interactions that players can do from the ant colony that is visible on the screen. Those ants with
himself finishes his job of picking up food and then transporting it to the nest which is located behind a layer of soil. Idle Ants players will earn money little by little, until then the money collected can be used to redeem upgrade items. When this upgrade the player begins to do his job.


Like most games with idle concepts like Idle Ants, three types of upgrades are prepared that players can activate. The first upgrade is an increase in the work speed of ants. That means after upgrading ants will be able to run faster. The results of collecting more food in a short time. Then there is an increase in the number of ants, so the screen is filled with ants. Then there is the Strength upgrade, which will result in the ant colony being able to work even stronger when crushing the food found along the way.

Level up

Most idle games generally don't have an ending, but Idle Ants actually has a purpose. For each level in Idle Ants, a certain number of ants intend
raid food, then if the food was sold out, this game level will automatically be finished. The ants will then find their next food. It can be said, the ant people in Idle Ants will not be short of food.

Slightly Creepy

Idle Ants sounds funny, but maybe if you see a sea of ants crowded on the screen, of course some players will get goosebumps to see it. more
for players who have a house that is used as an anthill. In this game there are various types of food that can be eaten by the colony
ants for each level such as leaves, cookies, insects, eggs, and even hard objects such as police vehicles will also be attacked. Simulation games
Idle Ants does offer things beyond reason. It's okay for entertainment.

Offline Mode

This Android Idle Ants game is free to play, so the appearance of ads is a must. It's just that the number of advertisements in this game is actually annoying because there are so many. So that players playing Idle Ants should use offline mode only so they are not irritated by the appearance of the ad earlier.
Players are also prepared to purchase to activate the "No Ads" function. Players if they really want ads not to appear during the game, just pay Rp. 149 thousand only on the Google Play Store. Players can also pay a certain amount of money to redeem certain types of ants, such as gold ants or mutant ants.
The Idle Ants Android game is not that different from many other idle concept games. However, if the player likes to observe
how the ant colony works tirelessly, this Idle Ants game is indeed interesting to play in your spare time. Don't miss it to always get the latest and complete news updates about games.
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