Game Review Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior, Epic Story of the Three Kingdoms

Dynasty Legend
Dynasty Legend: Final Warriors review. The story of the three kingdoms is repeatedly brought up in games. For example, Three Kingdoms where the gameplay is like a monopoly. Then Dynasty Warriors made by Koei Tecmo and the latest Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior made by UnlockGame also offer the same thing. How exciting is this game set in ancient times?
Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior

Take on the role of Lord

Game Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior, players will take on the role of a royal lord in a region in China. Players are required to build a formidable army starting from choosing generals, making decisions, and other important steps as a way to control all of China.

Controlling the Kingdom

Like games with the online strategy genre, players are also provided with an empire that can give anything. Players can build a barrack as a place to galvanize troops, find new generals on the general platform, or take advantage of various facilities such as a Quarry that will produce stone, a sawmill to produce wood, to a farm that will produce food.

War against the enemy

Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior begins with the battle against the Yellow Turban, then the story of Dong Zhuo, and continues with the very popular Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The story in this game is decorated with strategy battles in war in each chapter where players can lead their personal troops in an effort to conquer the enemy. Battles in Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior take place in realtime online. Players may arrange formations in advance when the battle has not started. Then when the battle starts it will automatically run itself. Here, players only observe which skills are active, then use them at the right time. The trick is to tap on the generals row image icon installed below. Players go straight through the chapter if they succeed in outperforming all enemy troops.

Extensive map

Out of the city that became the headquarters, players can find a large map. There there are various objects that can be controlled, such as rebel bases, forests, and enemies to conquer. See the levels of the various objects. The higher the level you have, the more difficult it is to conquer. At the start of the game, players are provided with a tutorial that outlines what to do in order to play Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior. It's just that the tutorial provided moves too fast, so novice players will have a hard time digesting it. Beginner players may not be able to remember the material given. For that for novice players if you want to learn the next step, which is to enter the Story Quest or Task, then do what you are told.

Play with other players

Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior is a game with the MMO genre. That means players can meet many other players. Of course, not every player can be a friend. Some may want to attack with the aim of wanting to control the food stock. So that players do have to enter the game regularly because it is possible that opposing troops attack the base.

Cool Visuals

Like most strategy themed games, Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior also displays visuals with an isometric angle view. Enriched with buildings and maps of the earth's surface. What is very interesting, each general character is taken from the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The various characters are for example: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Cao Ren, Lü Bu, Guan Yu, to many charming women ranging from Da Qiao, Lu Lingqi or Xingcai. Although the song that is played is quite epic, it's just that the sound effects are almost non-existent. But at least, the animation display during the battle is still good. The general's character can also converse in a Chinese accent even if it's only a word or two.

Because this is an MMO or massively multiplayer online game, of course this free game requires everyone to use a device that is always connected to the internet. In fact, if the Internet connection drops during the match, you will automatically be required to log in again in order to continue the game. This game also utilizes the stamina mechanism when fighting with enemies. Therefore, a shop is provided where it offers premium currency Gold. The rule is, the more often you buy Gold, you will automatically get a bigger VIP Privilege.

Game Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior is quite interesting for a game that adapts the theme of the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It's just that the gameplay that is presented does not offer anything new. It's more of a reskin than the various strategy games that already exist. However, if the player likes to make a collection of gallant war generals taken from the fairy tales of three countries, then Dynasty Legend: Final Warrior is very worthy to play.

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