Demon's Souls Review, the Latest RPG Game for PS5

Who would have thought in 2009 that a game on PS3 would create an entirely new genre. Sony didn't even imagine it, because Demon's Souls on PS3 wasn't released by PlayStation makers outside of Japan. Now, more than ten years later, Demon's Souls is back for the PlayStation 5.

Demon's Souls is an action RPG game which is the idea of Hidetaka Miyazaki. The idea is to create a game where players are given a minimalistic explanation of the world and its mechanics. As an adventurer, the player must work his way through the deadly world of Boletaria. If the player dies, they must start the game again from the beginning.

Curse of Darkness

In Demon's Souls, the player's task as an adventurer is to free the kingdom of Boletaria from a dark curse. The game Demon's Souls will certainly not disappoint players from the first moment, because after a simple tutorial they will be immediately faced with a huge boss that can destroy players. Boletaria will be an exciting place to play as long as players are willing to pay attention and learn the mechanics. After the tutorial is finished then the player will not be explained anything else and the adventure really begins.

In Demon's Souls there will be five different worlds and the Nexus as the overall connecting space. Players always have the choice of which area to explore first. The various locations are full of secrets to discover and various types of enemies that can result in the player finding death with a few hits. When the player dies, it automatically loses the progress made at that level except for items.

At each level the player collects items as well as souls. With this soul, players can upgrade characters on Nexus. Players need more souls to upgrade skills. In addition, players must first learn skills according to the goals they want to live.

More In-depth Game Mechanism

If players pay close attention to the Demon's Souls game system, they will immediately see that the mechanics it implements are much deeper. Therefore, discovering new elements in the game will be quite exciting, even if only for small elements, like discovering how Equip Burden or something else works. However, having to find so many mechanics will not appeal to every player. Information obtained from other players is not always correct. Players have to adapt their playing style to run this game.

Every Level Is Equally Difficult

Each level in Demon's Souls is difficult, but very challenging to beat. World 1 is difficult because players will often fight with annoying dragons that always burn every bridge that players will cross to continue the adventure. Then in World 2 there are enemies that can withstand most types of damage.

World 3 is a maze that can lead players astray and is protected by guards who can kill players with just one or two strokes. Then there's World 4 which adopts a fairly aggressive frame that's also resistant to most types of weapons other than sticks and hammers. And World 5 which offers a variety of enemies that are easy to kill, but will surround players and launch fast attacks with wild patterns.

Totally New Experience

For the most part, the 2020 version of Demon's Souls is very similar to the same game for PS3. That's understandable, of course, as many fans expect as few gameplay adjustments as possible. The biggest changes can be found graphically. This once again shows that Bluepoint Games is an expert when it comes to delivering a completely new gaming experience. On PlayStation 5, this Demon's Souls game looks stunning thanks to the original 4K format in Cinematic Mode which in combination with HDR is able to bring every gruesome detail of Boletaria to life.

Bluepoint proves that Demon's Souls was deliberately created so that players can enjoy a perfect display with a screen quality of 60 fps. Running, fighting and shooting was as smooth as a hot knife sliding through a box of butter. Various additional features are also provided, for example the DualSense feature which will allow players to experience addictive gameplay like never before.

Demon's Souls is a really cool game that's really fun to play. But maybe the level of difficulty will make players feel afraid when they start playing it. Demon's Souls isn't always that difficult if players are willing to take the time to discover gameplay secrets (and Boletaria). Gameplay at 60fps will basically leave players stunned and as if challenging to try again. When the player finally managed to beat the boss in an epic way, of course the player will feel very satisfied.

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