Airborne Kingdom Review, Building an Kingdom Above the Sky

Airborne Kingdom

Management games like building a city is common and there are tons of titles on the gaming market today. Sometimes, of course, gamers are bored with the same activities. Airborne Kingdom is here and trying to change all the existing games and bring back all the fun about management games. This game also offers to build a city while being able to explore and also the quests that are available are quite a lot. Amazing isn't it? So let's take a peek at what they have to offer in this game.

In this game, you will start a very big task. Here you will build a long-lost legendary empire and restore its former glory. In the past, this kingdom was very large but now it is separated from one another. Indeed, there are still remains and technology from ancient civilizations that you can use. At the beginning, you will be assisted by a crew of 10 that you can use the advantages of.

This game is also the same as other games in terms of some resource features. For example, there is food, coal, water, wood, soil, iron, and glass to build buildings. At the beginning of building, you will be faced with the problem of gravity and will burden the city. You have to be able to make buildings survive and don't let your city end tilt. So the trick is to make good calculations and also keep the weights on all four sides balanced.

Airborne Kingdom Gameplay

The Airborne Kingdom also introduced something called Zoning. The short explanation is that you have to build everything like the real world. For example, when you build a factory near a resident's area, of course you will get a protest. They will complain about the noise and also the annoying smell of factory waste. So you know what to do right?

To upgrade all the existing buildings, don't forget to build a research center early in the game. The function of this building is that you can upgrade everything in the city. This is quite easy and you will understand when the research center is ready. Moreover, this can be stayed until it is finished without you needing any resources. You just need a few citizens to do some research.

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