Recommendations for 3 Multi-Role Mobile Legends Heroes You Must Know!

multi-role heroes

Game player Mobile Legends must know this information, this time we will discuss 3 recommended multi-role heroes that must be used and you should know.

What heroes can have more than 1 role? Curious? Continue reading this article to the end, Vicigers!

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3 Recommended Multi-Role Mobile Legends Heroes

1. Hero Chou

multi-role heroes

Never absent from the meta, since the first season, making Chou present as a hero who might be more accurately called a hero who never dies

Honestly, this hero must be one of your favorite heroes right? Uniquely, Chou has a main role as an offlane hero, but can also act as a tank hero.

Having high damage and mobility, and having the ability to catch enemies with crowd control skills, makes Chou a hero offlaner or tank hero.

2. Hero Silvanna

multi-role heroes

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Hero Silvanna is one of 3 recommended Mobile Legends heroes from you who have more than one role.

This hero was originally known as an offlaner hero because he has the skills and damage that an offlaner hero should have

Since the Japanese team popularized the Silvanna tank meta through the M2 Mobile Legends tournament. Since then, many have used Silvanna as a tank even when ranked.

3. Hero Jawhead

multi-role heroes

Next is the Jawhead hero, this hero is the most popular and most popular multi-role hero compared to Chou and Silvanna.

This hero will become a tank when you pick, even though the fighter is the main role. Mobile Legends players in general use this hero more often as a tank, because this hero's crowd control skill is quite troublesome

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Well, that was a brief overview of information about Mobile Legends heroes who have multiple roles. May I know, do you prefer Chou, Silvanna, or Jawhead? Please write your comments in the comments column.

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