5 Recommended Cheap NFC HP Value For Money March 2021


NFC HP now for some people is an important thing, how not, today's life is completely digital, demands that we are more dependent on technology. Call it one of them e-money. Almost all banks issue their e-money products. Bank BCA with Flazz, Bank Mandiri with E-Money, BRI with Brizzi, and many others.

How important is e-money in our lives? For those of you who are highly mobilized using private four-wheeled vehicles, you must be very dependent on what is called e-money. That's why we suggest, you must have an NFC cellphone as your daily driver. Just imagine if you run out of balance when you're waiting in line at the toll booth, I can't imagine how lazy it is, you have to get out of the car to report to the officer or borrow the car e-money behind you.

HP NFC can now make it easy for you to top up e-money. Rely on bank applications or supported 3rd party applications. So voila, your NFC cellphone can top up your e-money balance without having to go to an ATM machine or other e-money top-up places, such as Alfamart, Indomaret, and others.

Not only for e-money, there are actually a lot of NFC functions on your cellphone, such as for easier data transfer between devices, reading NFC tags, there are even cellphones that can now rewrite/duplicate card/tag information with NFC.

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