Reckless Racing 3, Very Realistic Racing Sensation

Introduce, Reckless Racing 3. As in the previous series, players will take on the role of a racer who will devour the track from a top down point of view. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, players will be presented with truly detailed visuals, plus various effects that are increasingly realistic, such as puffs of smoke when tires rub against asphalt, splashes of water, and also tire tracks on the track when drifting.

Realistic Racing Thrill

Needless to say, Reckless Racing 3  brings the sensation of car racing that is really real. The display when the vehicle turns at high speed feels so accurate, like a real vehicle. Then when the car rubs against another object, it looks natural. Controls remain as before i.e. buttons, tilt, or gyroscope motion sensors. The three types of controls are designed so well that they make vehicle movements so responsive.

5 Racing Modes

Reckless Racing 3 offers 3 racing modes, namely: arcade mode, career, and single event. However, this game includes two new racing modes, namely drift and Gymkhana. Drift is a mode where players can mutually increase scores with the in-game AI engine where the assessment is the most perfect drift action for each corner with the fastest time.

Gymkhana, where players must drive in a predetermined direction to the finish line in the fastest time. Players must complete the best drifts eg twisting on a bollard. This mode is the most exciting variation of the race where players are not allowed to touch the object at all if they don't want to be penalized, namely extra time.

Pixelbite as a developer presents a simpler option for gameplay, namely eliminating the vehicle upgrade system. Players Just buy a vehicle depending on the type of race class that is followed. Dress up the vehicle just to beautify the exterior such as paint color and wheels. The player's skill in controlling the vehicle is the standard for winning in Reckless Racing 3. Although car attributes such as speed, control and others determine, they are not so significant. So the capability required is not a great type of vehicle.

Premium Games

Although Reckless Racing 3 emphasize skill, but IAP is still available for players who want a great vehicle if you don't want to grind in arcade or career mode. However, this IAP feature is only optional. With a tariff of Rp. 59,000 to buy Reckless Racing 3 players will feel the sensation of a fast-paced competition which is quite exciting.

Need Reliable Skills

The difficulty level of Reckless Racing 3 increases as players move up from class C to class B and also class A. The vehicles used are getting faster, which means the skills required must also be more reliable. Not only stepping on the gas pedal and turning left and right, players must also be very clever in determining the timing of releasing the gas pedal while maneuvering. The ability to step on the brake pedal is also needed when a sharp turn is blocking.

The level design prepared by the developer is quite attractive because it presents a different atmosphere with different effects. For example, a wet track is provided which makes the vehicle more slippery. There is also a dirt track which causes vehicle control to tend to be wild when compared to the asphalt track. The depiction of the atmosphere and place is also designed in such a way that players are more challenged because the camera angle view does not change. So sometimes players also encounter blind spots because there are pillars that block, or other types of objects.

Reckless Racing 3 is a racing game with the most realistic visuals, but there are also drawbacks. The drawback is a bug when players use the reset button when they want to return to the track because the position is already difficult. When the reset is taken, the vehicle will go to the middle of the track while flashing. But when the blinking stopped, then another vehicle came from behind, the car automatically bounced. Although it may be profitable but also as a disadvantage if the player's car is bounced.

Reckless Racing 3  very interesting to play with various improvements compared to the previous two series. Upgraded visuals and detailed animations, increasingly realistic physical aspects, and of course a very memorable gaming experience. For game enthusiasts with the concept of racing, of course, you should not miss this one game.

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