Here's a PUBG Trick to Kill House Camper Quickly and Safely

Removing Friends in PUBG

If you make the wrong move while rushing into the enemy's house, you will turn into a coffin first. Therefore, here are some tricks PUBG to kill the house campers quickly and safely.

To kill the house camper quickly and safely in the PUBG Mobile game, you have to face the camper first. Hiding players usually appear frequently in houses and buildings, especially high-rise apartments in Pochinki, or Novo, and some similar locations.

If you make a mistake or make a wrong move, you will be turned into a coffin and sent to the lobby. You have to use PUBG tricks to overcome this.

Here are some of the best PUBG tricks to safely kill house campers in what you need to know.

Tricks to Kill House Campers in PUBG

Do not push yourself


The first PUBG trick to kill house campers is not to push yourself. If you can't beat the enemy and you get some heavy damage during the push, just run. You have to stay alive to fight again.

In addition, retreating can help you lure house campers out of their hiding locations, especially if they are kill-raising players.

Greedy enemies will chase you to kill you after causing some damage to you. This is a great opportunity to kill house campers quickly and safely in PUBG.

Avoid Sandwich


To stay safe when you want to kill house campers in PUBG, you need to be aware of your surroundings. If the enemy sees you in an open area before you can rush away, you may be knocked down by another player. Follow these steps to safely push house campers.

  • Pay attention to the surrounding area to make sure that there are no other enemies around.
  • Find the best cover to hide from other players.

Avoid being in an open space without a cover at all, this can make you go home first to the lobby. Try to find a safe way or use smoke as a cover. You need to pay close attention to this second PUBG trick, so you don't get killed.

Prioritize Accuracy

Controlling PUBG Mobile Game Weapon Recoil

Choose a stable gun that has less bullet recoil to shoot accurately. Most PUBG players often focus on damage only when choosing a weapon to push. However, it is not a wise choice.

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More powerful weapons often have wider recoil and higher recoil. Therefore, this high-damage weapon is less accurate.

SMG is the best choice to kill house campers in PUBG. UMP45 is very stable and quiet. Micro UZI also has the highest rate of fire.

Vector is also a reliable weapon for close combat with high damage and high firing speed. The real damage per second of this weapon is higher than many ARs, such as the AKM or Beryl M762.

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Don't Neglect To Bring Grenades


If you have grenades in your backpack, you should use frag and smoke grenades when entering enemy houses.

Explosions can drive hiding people out of their location and smoke can leave them confused about your next move. They will panic when they don't know where you are when you enter.

When the house campers panic, you can kill them safely. Always loot three frag and three smoke grenades and learn how to throw grenades like PUBG pro players.

Bringing Medkit

heal medkit

The last PUBG trick that you can apply when you want to rush the house campers, you need to bring enough medkits. It's important to heal the full HP bar before you push them. Medkit can only heal 75 percent of HP and does not give extra HP.

It takes longer to heal the 100 percent HP bar. Pro players often use first aid kits and boosts to quickly heal HP. In addition, boosting and first aid kits are easier to loot. 

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That's the PUBG Mobile trick that you can apply to kill house campers. It's not doing this, but in the right way you can do it alone.

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