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Since some time ago, the world of esports has continued to experience rapid development. This is evidenced by the increasing number of esports fans in Indonesia. Then to support the esports world in Indonesia, a tournament emerged that accommodates the talents of PUBG players, namely the PUBG Mobile PCC Mobile Community Cup. Even the prizes from this tournament were enormous.

As is known, PUBG Mobile is one of the games with the battle royale genre. This game has a very high level of popularity. This is evidenced by the number of players who are increasing day by day. Then, the increase in players in PUBG made various tournaments appear.

The tournament or competition becomes a forum or accommodates the talents and abilities of each player. By participating in tournaments, the road to becoming a pro player will be closer. Because one way to enter the esports industry is to have skills that are recognized by many people.

Now there is such a thing as the PCC Mobile Community Cup as a forum for those of you who want to show skills in tournaments. Intrigued by the tournament, see more below:

About PCC ( PUBG Mobile Community Cup )

For those of you PUBG players, you must be familiar with the PCC Mobile Community Cup tournament. The tournament is a tournament for the PUBG Mobile community organized by PUBG Mobile ID Official. This tournament is held online and can be followed by the entire squad in Indonesia.

This tournament can be a place for PUBG players to show their talents and foster a competitive spirit and feel a real tournament. This clearly makes it easier for you, especially for non-pro players. So, this tournament is a proving ground to show your ability to beat all players in Indonesia.

In addition, the tournament which was officially held by PUBG Mobile ID can be participated by all teams in Indonesia, including non-seeded teams. Indirectly, this tournament will add to the experience for those of you who have never previously participated in a tournament.

We all know that the Indonesian esports world is growing very rapidly. This makes the players from the world of esports increasing day by day. So far, there are still many pro players who are not included in the big squad. This is because it is very difficult to show their ability to play PUBG Mobile.

Now in this PUBG Mobile PCC Mobile Community Cup tournament, you can show your abilities. Besides being easy, these tournaments are conducted online and free of charge.

Then the format of this tournament will be divided into 4 rounds. The fourth round is the Grand Finals. Interestingly, the tournament was also divided into two. The first is the PCC Mobile Cummunity Cup and the second is the Ladies Tournament Community which is specifically for women with extraordinary skills and abilities.

Meanwhile, the total prize in PUBG Mobile PCC Mobile Cummunity Cup is 50 million rupiah. The 1st place winner in this tournament will get a prize of 20 million rupiah. Very interesting isn't it?

Therefore, you immediately register your squad for this tournament. You can access the PUBG Mobile PCC Mobile Cummunity Cup tournament registration on the official website and enter the team register section.

Previous PCC Season Review

In the previous season, the PCC Mobile Community Cup tournament was specifically held for the PUBG Mobile community. Even though it is held online, this tournament is still the choice for PUBG Mobile players. It is even known that from the previous season, the tournament was warmly welcomed by squads from all over Indonesia, with a total of 16,587.

In that season, the winner was the Dirty Money (DMS) Crew. The success of this DMS is due to their excellent performance. Especially on the last day, their insane performance paid off. How not crazy try?

DMS Crew played 12 matches in the final round, they won a total of 4 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. In fact, they were the only squad that managed to survive to the end (WWCD) more than once in the last round.

In addition, in the PUBG Mobile PCC Mobile Cummunity Cup tournament the DMS crew has very high points. They managed to collect 76 to collect 166 total points. They are ahead of Genesis Gank Gids by 21 points who are in second place with 145 points.

The success of DMS Crew made Psyhcoo, one of their players, managed to win the Terminator or the winner of the most kills. Psyhcoo won the title in the final round with 27 kills. It's terrible isn't it?

Usually, PUBG Mobile PCC Mobile Community Cup tournaments like this are held at the end of the year. How, you guys have gathered the intention to play in the competition.

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