PUBG Mobile Cheats Often Done by Female Gamers

PUBG Mobile Cheats

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular online battle royale games today. You could say most teenagers play it, both boys and girls. They play games just for entertainment. But there are also those who play it to make money. There are also those who use PUBG Mobile cheating for their own benefit, and that can harm other players.

But have you ever seen a player whose character and name is a woman is very smart and looks like a pro player. And in general, male players are more agile at playing PUBGM than women. We can see for ourselves the well-known professional players, the majority of whom are men. So of course there are awkwardness if you find lots of female characters who are very good at playing.

Here Are PUBG Mobile Cheats By Competitive Female Players

There are several factors for them to commit this fraud, whether it's to show off or increase the rating on their account. And some of the fraud they committed, among others, is as follows:

  • Using Gamer Jockey Services to Increase K/D

K/D in the PUBG Mobile account is a benchmark that is often used by e-sports associations to recruit new members. The first to be able to enter a community is to glance at the K/D of an account that registers. Because it can reflect how he has played so far, whether he is smart or not. The high K/D is considered important by some PUBG Mobile players. And that's why many amateur players take the wrong way to have a good reputation in this popular game.

As an example, for female players who want to join a community. He really likes this game, but his skills are lacking. And in the end, he has a contact to hire to run his account. Then he paid the jockey to raise the tier at will for a certain fee. So if you have ever played with a girl in a squad and don't want to activate voice chat and seem very good at playing, then it could be that her account is being jockeyed.

  • Using Cheats During Tournaments and Practice While Streaming

If you watch female players who are competing and are very pro, then it's impossible for the account to be jockeyed. That's why it's impossible because it's definitely found out, right? Well, the safest way they can do this is to use cheats. This method is very effective for looking pro during the scrim. Meanwhile, the tournament organizing committee is usually not careful about cheaters in the room.

And a problem and question is why many female players who use cheats always escape. A disciplined committee will ask for a screenshot of the zone and recording of the scrim or practice. If the committee is not orderly and not thorough, then of course there will be many female players who are good at playing tournaments. You also need to know that cheats are PUBG Mobile cheats whose penalties are very severe, namely banned accounts for a maximum of 10 years.

  • Exchange Players When Playing

If you have ever seen female players withdraw and ask for substitutions just before a tournament, then you can be sure they are afraid of being caught or don't want to burden their team, if they have often cheated without the committee knowing about it. And the replacement is usually the previous jockey. This often happens in tournaments for some reason.

So for those of you who want to recruit new members to the team and are a woman, then pay close attention to her skills. Don't just look at K/D, even more so with the use of cheats. If there is only one member who is known to use cheats, then it will have an impact on the whole team.

Skill Training Tips for Female PUBG Mobile Gamers

So, for you female players who like this PUBG Mobile game, don't cheat. Keep playing honestly, patiently and disciplined, because those three factors can make you go to the real pro player level. Then keep practicing as usual and try to play squad with your own team. If you don't have a team, then play alone in squad mode. There are many ways you can do to improve skills.

However, if you only have limited abilities and can't be like the others, then don't ever cheat on PUBG Mobile like the example above. It's better for you to use other skills to be able to entertain people. For example, creating funny content by playing as it is. The most important thing is the video streaming quality of PUBG mobile if you create a channel on Youtube. So being able to take advantage of the PUBG Mobile game for female players is not only due to high skill.

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