90% Cashback Promo, Check Out Shopping Using OVO at VCGamers Now!

OVO Cashback Promo

An interesting promo for all Vicigers is back in May 2022.

This month you can get cashback OVO 90% points when buying your digital needs at VC Market by VCGamers.

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You can get cashback very easily.

You just need to shop at VC Market by VCGamers then select the payment method using OVO.

Well, there are other terms and conditions that you need to know so as not to be mistaken.

Anything? Let's see the review!

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S&K Cashback OVO Points 90%

OVO Cashback Promo (2)

This OVO points cashback promo will run from Saturday 14 May 2022 to Tuesday 31 May 2022.

You can get this cashback without a minimum transaction, you know!

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Following are the T&C Cashback OVO Points 90%:

  • This promo is valid from 14 to 31 May 2022;
  • 90% cashback promo with no minimum transaction;
  • You can enjoy a maximum of 9,000 OVO Points (1 OVO Point = IDR 1) cashback for 1x/user during the promo period;
  • Promo is only valid for transactions through the website vcgamers.com, with OVO payment method;
  • You will receive cashback in the form of OVO Points a maximum of 3 × 24 hours after the transaction is completed and the data is validated;
  • OVO Points cannot be cashed, but can still be used on OVO applications/merchants;
  • The daily quota of the promo is limited, so make sure you check out your groceries at VC Market immediately;
  • If the seller cancels the order, or does not process the order until the time limit expires, the funds will be directly forwarded to VC Coin;
  • Refunds in the form of VC Coin for canceling orders whose transactions use OVO cannot be withdrawn to the account;
  • VCGamers has the right to suspect, moderate, and permanently disable VCGamers user accounts if there are indications of promo abuse;
  • If there is still a Store Balance/VC Coin deposited in a user account that is being moderated/permanently disabled, then VCGamers will first review the Store Balance and VC Coin that you have;
  • If there is an OVO transaction failure due to any technical reasons, you can still make payments or can directly contact OVO CS;
  • VCGamers and OVO have the right to cancel all transactions or cashback if a user is found cheating on the applicable T&C;
  • VCGamers and OVO also have the right to stop the promo & change the applicable T&C, without prior notice.

Enjoy this promo and shop at VC Market by VCGamers right now!

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