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December Starlight ML prices
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Starlight Member is one of the features in the Mobile Legends game. This feature is similar to the Battle Pass from other games and Starlight Member has a fairly affordable price.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the various features and prizes that you can get if you buy a Starlight Member and the prices available according to the menu in Mobile Legends.

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Starlight Mobile Legends

Advantages of Starlight ML
Advantages of Starlight ML. Source: VCGamers

Starlight Member is a premium membership feature in Mobile Legends or ML games that you can access by subscribing for a month.

The concept of this premium membership feature is similar to the Battle Pass concept which is available in several other games such as Genshin Impact, Free Fire, Arena of Valor, to PUBG Mobile.

By subscribing to Starlight Member, you can get various prizes and special benefits. This article will discuss these prizes and benefits, so don't miss it!

There are two types of Starlight Membership with different prices. Not only that, of course there is one type that provides more rewards at a higher price.

One example of the benefits of having a Starlight Member is the weekly free heroes and skins that you can get regularly.

Not only that, you can also get an exclusive avatar border for 31 days or one month. What's more, you can get various weekly prizes for free such as Magic Dust.

Buying Starlight Member also gives 10 extra Protection Points when you experience defeat. Finally, you can also get 10% EXP more each finish the game.

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Starlight Member Benefits and Rewards

Starlight ML Rewards
Starlight ML Rewards. Source: VCGamers

Like the Battle Pass feature in other games, Starlight Member offers various prizes after you reach a number of levels.

For example, you can get Crystal of Aurora when it reaches level 15. One way to increase Starlight Member level is by completing available Tasks or missions.

You can see a list of missions in the Tasks Starlight Member menu. Available tasks will appear every week, therefore you must complete these missions in order to quickly level up.

The prizes that you can get are various, one of which is the Starlight Gem. You can exchange Starlight Gems to get various skins available in the Shop Starlight Member menu.

Uniquely, you can immediately choose one of the five limited skins. There are Circus Magician Vexana, Double Identity Selena, Biohazard Yu Zhong, Lethal Fang Brody, and Candy Bear Jawhead.

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Starlight ML 2022 price

Price of Starlight ML Diamonds
Price of Starlight ML Diamonds. Source: VCGamers

Based on the Starlight Member menu in Mobile Legends, you can buy an ordinary Starlight Member with 550 Diamonds. However, you can get a 30% discount for the first purchase like the picture above.

If you want to buy Starlight Member Plus, then the Diamond you have to spend is also more, namely 1100 Diamonds. You can get it with 700 Diamonds if you buy it the first time.

If converted into Rupiah currency, the usual Starlight Member price is around Rp. 140,000 and for Starlight Member Plus it is around Rp. 300,000.

The difference between the two versions of Starlight Member is that you can get 29 levels instantly if you buy Starlight Member Plus. Apart from that, you can also claim Starlight Gems directly in the Advanced Pool.

Thus the discussion about Starlight Member complete with the price. Hopefully this is useful for Mobile Legends players!

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