This is the price of Jockey Legend to Mythic, Prepare Funds!

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For the price of a legend jockey to mythic, it might still be cheap for those of you who are lazy to push rank Mobile Legends. You only need to prepare funds before using the services of a jockey.

Although it is unique to offer services that are not yet common, jockey services Mobile Legends already like other services, they already have their own rates. For example, the price of the legend jockey to mythic.

Mobile Legend itself is known to have many rating levels for warrior, elite, master, grand master, epic, legends and mythic players. It turned out that thanks to the ranking scheme, the higher the ranking, the more difficult and competitive each match.

To reach a higher rank, a player must win a certain number of games by collecting one star for each win and, conversely, losing one star for each defeat.

Having the highest possible game rating is the dream of all Mobile Legends players. Not only for showmanship, but high rankings also give players many benefits, such as exclusive skins and some Battle Point rewards at the end of the season. So it's very important to keep your rank as high as possible, even in Mythic if you can.

To do this, one way that you can do is to use the Jockey Mobile Legends service. 

Price Jockey Legend to Mythic

the price of jockey legend to mythic

For the price of the legend jockey to the mythic depending on the star and calculated every star achieved. For example, if you are registered with Grandmaster V with 0 stars, you only need to pay Rp. 40,000 to achieve 5 stars.

You have to pay IDR 45,000 at the regular price. Or, if you want to upgrade from Epic V to Legend V (25 star jockey), you have to pay IDR 250,000. This price saves IDR 50,000 from the regular price of IDR 300,000.

You can consider and calculate for yourself how much the price of a legend jockey to a mythic one is calculated based on the stars.

Push Rank Trick To Mythic

If you feel expensive with the price of the legend to mythic jockey mentioned above, then you have to fight alone to push rank or maybe you want to open a Mobile Legends jockey service.

Mobile Legends has been updated to the latest version, which will change some systems. One of them, of course, is the Tier Mythic MLBB game system which has also undergone changes.

Instead of worrying about the price of the legendary jockey to the mythic, it's better if you push rank by applying some of the tricks below.

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the price of jockey legend to mythic

Why is mabar or playing with friends one of the tips that must be followed? Actually playing solo, in the Mythic series it's really difficult. Whether you have a difficulty level or not, it's probably because the solo game system is always there.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't judge when playing solo. There are many players who are able to achieve this, even if they use such a game system.

This MLBB game has a 5 on 5 game system. I mean inviting you and your friends to the game should be good too. Otherwise it's useless and equals 1 vs 5. From start to epic levels, it's still good to play solo because it's easier.

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Upgrade Emblems

the price of jockey legend to mythic
Mabar so as not to Lose Streak

In fact, the emblem of this MLBB game has a very big influence, especially in the early game. Maybe the reason why you're having a hard time reaching mythic is because you don't pay much attention to this factor.

It will be difficult for you to play if your opponent has a higher emblem. Why? In fact, this character makes it possible to increase the hero's abilities. So you should immediately level up emblems regularly and have fun.

However, keep thinking about buying a new hero and don't forget to level up and collect BP. If you have a decent emblem, you shouldn't be afraid to pick the wrong hero again.

The most recommended way is to learn how to use the emblem through professional players. If you want to use a hero properly, you must first target which hero you will master.

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Can Use Multiple Heroes

the price of jockey legend to mythic

After focusing on one hero for the MLBB emblem, you can now upgrade your abilities by mastering more heroes. The composition of the team did not pay much attention to the first rank or grandmaster. For example, there are still players who use up to three seeds for each Mage or Marksman.

When it comes to the epic phase, players begin to realize that team composition matters. You will not be confused to master more heroes if they are already familiar with the main role.

Then how to control a good hero? You can start in training mode. If you know how to use skills and obligations, move on to higher levels.

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If the fight with artificial intelligence is so easy and fast, then move on to the classic phase. If you see the expert phase, you have a chance to enter the ranking mode.

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