Pokemon VSTAR Present in Pokemon Card Game Collection Indonesia

Pokemon VSTART

The unique power of Pokemon VSTAR comes to Pokémon Collectible Card Game on April 22, 2022. Upcoming unique powers such as Ability VSTAR Power Star Birth from Arceus VSTAR and VSTAR Power attacks Star Blaze from Charizard VSTAR.

Pokémon VSTAR are Pokémon that can evolve from Pokémon V like Pokémon VMAX. Then, it comes back with a unique and powerful power, namely VSTAR Power.

VSTAR Power comes in the form of abilities and attacks. Both have effects that can reverse the course of the game. However, VSTAR Power can only be used once per game.

GM Indonesia AKG Games, Adrian Alpin said, the presence of VSTAR Power in Indonesia could be a more attractive alternative.

“The new VSTAR cards have strong ties to Pokémon from the Hisui region, very interesting for fans of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. AKG Games can't wait to see the response from fans of the Pokémon Collection Card Game in Indonesia," he said in a written statement received VC News.

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There are a number of highlights in the “Star Birth” Booster Pack. Among them are Arceus VSTAR, Charizard VSTAR and various other VSTAR Pokémon.

Pokemon VSTAR Present in the Pokemon Game The Indonesian Collection Card is available in three types of products. They are the “Star Birth” Booster Pack, the “Regional Battle” Enhanced Booster Pack and the “Awakening” V Starter Deck.

In the Enhanced Booster Pack “Regional Battle”, you can find cards such as Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR, Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR and Hisuian Samurott VSTAR.

This Booster Pack also features Pokémon and characters from other regional Pokémon such as the Champion from the Sinnoh Region, Cynthia with her beloved Garchomp and the iconic Gym Leader from the Kanto region, Misty with her Starmie.

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Luminous Pokémon depicting Shining Pokémon are also present starting this Enhanced Booster Pack.

Players can only get 1 sheet into the deck because of their strong attacks or abilities.

Pokémon fans who are just getting started with the Pokémon Collectible Card Game can start playing with a Deck containing the newest cards in the “Awakening” V Starter Deck.

This product will contain more than 500 combinations, 60 random cards and 1 Pokémon V card in it.

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