Point Blank Zepetto Game No. 1 Most Played FPS of All Time

Point Blank Zepetto Game No. 1 Most Played FPS of All Time


Hi Vicigers friends! Mimin remembers this first, the name of the game Point Blank Garena was really popular, now it's a game with FPS genre it was renamed Point Blank Zepetto (PB Zepetto). Zepetto took over this game service from Garena Indonesia. The official name of this game itself is Point Blank Beyond Limits.

Point Blank Zepetto offers a variety of new modes and maps. What is certain for game fans, it's a shame to miss this exciting game. A number of new modes are prepared by Point Blank Zepetto, namely Play Mode, Battle Royale Mode, and Ace Mode. Play Mode, for example, will bring players to the battlefield like

Point Blank Zepetto Game

World War II. Then there is the Battle Royale Mode, which as the name suggests is a battle royale battle system that is currently in vogue. It's just that, the maps available in this mode are not the same as those that existed before.

Ace Mode will invite players to duel 1 vs 1 with other players to collect winstrikes as much as possible when they can defeat the enemy. The Drain Tunnel map can be used for this one-on-one battle. Not only new modes and maps, character skins, weapon skins and new types of weapons are also available.

Some of the latest types of weapons include the Thompson Submachine Gun, SKS Sniper Rifle, Kar98k Sniper Rifle, M24 Stick Grenade, MP40 Submachine Gun, M1918 Trench Knife, to the STG44 Assault Rifle. Then there are the latest from character skins such as Christmas Tree, Pig and WWII Soldier and Nurse.

While the newest weapon skins are Pig, Gunzeed, Zepetto, Black Cat Series, and X-mas. The Zepetto skin itself is a special skin as a marker for server migration from Garena to Zepetto. Zepetto skin has a characteristic in the form of a combination of yellow, red, and black colors plus interesting image accents. While the Black Cat skin is a combination of yellow and black with a cute cat image decoration.

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