Poco M3 VS Redmi 9T, which one do you choose?

poco m3 vs redmi 9t

After seeing the brotherly fight between Poco X3 NFC vs Redmi Note 9 Pro in the previous article. This time we will discuss the second battle, namely between Poco M3 vs Redmi 9T.

Difference between Poco M3 vs Redmi 9T

  • Design

The design of the back of the two cellphones is indeed one of the differentiators between the two. The shape and size of the screen are very precise, making it difficult for us to determine which Poco M3 is and which is not, without looking at the back.

Poco M3 was introduced with a fresh look and an eccentric color, namely yellow combined with black accents, as well as other color variants blue and black.

The backdoor of the Poco M3 is also made in such a way as to resemble an orange peel which is anti-fingerprint, even though the part is plastic. However, this leather-like accent makes you not have to be afraid/worried that your fingerprints will contaminate the backdoor.

As for the Redmi 9T series, it has glossy accents on the backdoor, with a striped texture. It's a bit of a finger-print magnet indeed compared to the Poco M3. This cellphone also has 3 color variants that were officially brought into Indonesia, namely gray, green, and blue.

Even though in reality, Vicigers, you can swap cases between Poco M3 and Redmi 9T, because these two cellphones have the exact same dimensions, button/sensor placement, and port holes. Try it if you don't believe it!

  • Camera Setup

The second thing, the striking difference between these two cellphones is the camera setup. Poco M3 with 3 main cameras, and Redmi 9T with 4 main cameras.

The addition of an 8MP ultrawide lens is carried out on the Redmi 9T series. This makes this HP has its own selling point.

Meanwhile, for the selfie camera. Both of these cellphones have embedded an 8MP lens, which should be of exactly the same quality, when viewed from the specifications on paper.

But still, for the rear camera placement design, we prefer the Poco M3. Subjectively indeed, we are finally fascinated by the bright yellow color, which reminds us of the color 'nokia banana'.

  • Price

Then, the last difference is the price. The difference is very small, only 100 thousand in each variant of these two cellphones. For example, the official selling price of Poco M3 is now 1.8 million for 4/64GB, then the price of Redmi 9T is 1.9 million for 4/64GB too.

However, the price difference is 100 thousand more expensive in offline stores, until now it is still valid, for example, for the Poco M3 4/64GB variant, it is priced at Rp. 1.9 for its offline stock, as well as the Redmi 9T.

  • Conclusion

So, which of these two cellphones will the public be more interested in? Will it be Poco M3 or Redmi 9T? Your choice is still in your hands.

If you like a quirky appearance, you can buy a Poco M3, for example with the yellow color. Or if you prefer Redmi 9T because it has more cameras, that's okay, you can also add Redmi 9t to the wishlist.

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