PMPL ID Season 3 Week 3 Day 2: Genesis Dogma Goes Crazy Again!

PMPL ID Season 3 Week 3 Day 2: Genesis Dogma Goes Crazy Again!

Genesis Dogma played crazily on the Sanhok map in the third week, they managed to get 2x WWCD on the Sanhok map.

Since day 1 yesterday, each team performed much better and seemed more careful than the previous two weeks.

This third week is the last week of PMPL ID Season 3, so many teams are playing more carefully.

The teams at the bottom of the PMPL standings are competing very closely to enter Super Weekend Week 3.


Here are the results of PMPL ID Season 3 Week 3 Day 2:

  • Match 1 – Sanhok: GD Gids
  • Match 2 – Miramar: V88 coins
  • Match 3 – Sanhok: GD Gids
  • Match 4 – Miramar: Aura Esports
  • Match 5 – Erangel: RRQ Ryu

This day 2 match witnessed GD Gids' aggressive game in Sanhok. They won twice at Sanhok and won WWCD convincingly.

Then there is V88 coins which made a surprise in match 3 Miramar. Only dabs2k remained which turned out to be able to finish off Eagle 365.

The next Miramar belongs Aura which does have the best stats on the map. Aura is too tough with a total of 16 kills, plus 15 WWCD points.

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