PMPL ID Season 3 has entered its third week, The teams are starting to put out all their strategies with tenacity and enthusiasm to enter into the last Super Weekend for PMPL Season 3.

Morph Esport, which has not entered Super Weekend for 2 weeks, has improved the performance of its team, as well as Takae Esport

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Boom Esport and Bonafide Esport, which usually play brilliantly, in the third week of the first day they did not play well.

Here are PMPL ID Season 3 Week 3 Day 1 Results:

As usual in Previous weeks, teams play 5 rounds in different maps divided into 5 different groups.

  • Match 1 – Erangel: Takae Esports
  • Match 2 – Erangel: Victim Sovers
  • Match 3 – Miramar: Bigetron Red Aliens
  • Match 4 – Sanhok: Aura Esports
  • Match 5 – Miramar: God of United Esports

On the first day of Week 3 this time, we can see the teams that fell in Week 2 can bounce back again to enter the last Super Weekend.

First, there was Takae Esports who got WWCD in the first match, making them in a safe position temporarily on Day 1.

Morph Team, the team that has been waiting for a comeback for 2 weeks has finally shown their tenacity by being in 5th position in the Weekdays standings.

On the one hand, 69 Esports still don't appear to be in the Top 16, there are still 2 days left for them of course, so there's still time.

Don't forget the exciting moments, including RRQ Nerpheko who managed to do a clutch, killing a team from Boom Esports in the last match.

This also slammed Boom to the bottom of the Weekdays standings, a very insecure zone for a team already at the top of the Super Weekend standings.

Likewise, Bonafide Esports, which also seems to be in bad shape, is above Boom Esports in 15th position.

There are still 2 more days for the teams to catch up with their points, hopefully they can qualify for the last Super Weekend in Week 3 this time.

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