PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 3 has finished Week 1 Day 1 which was the opening tourneman at the beginning of this PMPL Season.

In Week 1, we saw 20 teams have competed for slots to enter the Super Weekend at the end of the week, and we can already see how the performance of the teams is very maximal!

Lots of exciting matches that took place on Day 1 this time, and saw some new teams showing their teeth in beating several teams, such as 2K coins.

PMPL Season 3 Week 1 Day 1 Results!

The entire team has played with the number set by the PMPL committee of 5 matches on the first day this afternoon. A total of 2 teams did WWCD back to back, and here are the results from Day 1:

  • Match 1 – Erangel: Voin Victory88
  • Match 2 – Erangel: Voin Victory88
  • Match 3 – Miramar: Aura Esports
  • Match 4 – Sanhok: Aura Esports
  • Match 5 – Miramar: Takae Esports

Overall Ranking Week 1 Day 1


Excellent game by Voin Victory who just changed their name and logo before PMPL started a few months ago.

It seems that the change of logo also affects their enthusiasm to be able to improve performance in the game on the first day.

They were the first team to get back to back WWCD in Match 1 and Match 2 at Erangel leaving them in first place with 70 points.

Followed by the Aura Esports team, which had Jeixy and NoMercy as their new roster who also dominated Match 3 and Match 4, getting back to back WWCD as well.

This makes Aura Esports in second place on the standings with 67 points, and Aerowolf Limax in third.

Not only that, we saw that there was a match that we had been waiting for for a long time, namely the scramble for Bootcamp between Bigetron RA and the Morph Team, which seemed to produce 1 – 0 points for BTR RA on the first day.

Evos Reborn on the one hand has not been able to show their fangs, on Day 1 it is the Underdog teams who are standing out to increase their points.

And there's still a lot that you can watch on Day 2 and Day 3 tomorrow, so don't miss it and continue to support your favorite team! 

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