PMPL ID SEASON 3 LADIES DAY 1: Newcomers Who Play Brilliant


PMPL ID Season 3 Ladies will be held on the second Sunday of PMPL ID which will be held on March 31 – April 1, 2021.

The tournament will be participated by 16 different teams. Among them are defending champion Belletron Ace, as well as several other strong teams such as Aerowolf Zoo, Morph Eternity, and Alter Ego Dione.

All teams competing in PMPL ID Season 3 Ladies will compete for PMPL SEA Ladies tickets which will be held on April 3-4, 2021.

PMPL ID Season 3 Ladies takes place 2 matches in one day, the first day will start with 2 Erangle matches and on the second day it will start with 2 Sanhok matches.

On the first day there were two quite fierce rounds. The golden opportunity to compete in PMPL SEA, of course, will not be thrown away by the entire team of contestants this time. The classic meeting between Belletron Ace and Aerowolf Zoo is definitely eagerly awaited by Indonesian PUBG Mobile fans.

Entering the first round, there seemed to be two teams that dominated with their number of kill points. The two teams are Genesis Dogma and Alter Ego Dione.

Even though Alter Ego Dione only finished in 3rd place, their 8 kills was the second highest after Genesis Dogma. In this first round, Genesis Dogma Ladies successfully secured their first WWCD with a total of 28 points.

Overall Rank
PMPL ID SEASON 3 LADIES DAY 1: Newcomers Who Play Brilliant

Unexpectedly, it seems that from yesterday's 2 matches, Belletron Ace had a hard time catching up with the GD Ladies team who was in first place.

These two teams excel in the top position after getting WWCD in both matches alternately. Match 1 was won by the Genesis Dogma team, and Match 2 was won by Belletron.

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