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Taking advantage of free time at home since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic can be filled with various activities. For example, playing games with friends. It's just that gamers often have problems communicating with friends when playing games. Even more so when playing strategy games. Reliable service is needed so that gamers can communicate with each other, VCGamers attend to it.

VCGamers is a Community Based for gamers and the Society Platform, especially those who want to know the latest updates on game info, tournaments, esports, and also the community. VCGamers is here to provide integrated solutions for all the needs of gamers, especially community-based ones, especially game events in Indonesia.

VCGamers presents an exclusive Discord server service specifically for fans Vicigers, VCGamers fans everywhere. For those who don't know, among gamers, Discord is an application that is commonly used for alternative means of communication. Because, many games that are played have voice chat features of mediocre quality. In fact, some games are not even equipped with a voice chat feature, even though the game is played online with other gamers. Discord is multi-platform, starting from Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Discord application can be downloaded from the official website.

So Vicigers will be able to chat with each other, send messages or something else with other players while still enjoying playing the game, even though the devices used are on different platforms. It's very easy to use Discord on your phone. So first Vicigers must download the Discord application. Next, run the application and log in using the account that was created. But if you don't have one, tap the “Register” icon as a step to setting up a new account.

After logging in, tap on the “+” symbol located in the bubble row on the left. Then, tap “Create Server” and type in the desired server name. Server here is the term for the virtual room that you want to create. Then tap on the “Create Server” icon. On the next screen, a page for sharing the server link appears. Try sliding the toggle to “Set this link to never expire” then tap the “Share Link” icon. But Vicigers don't need to bother making their own server on Discord because VCGamers has made it exclusively.

The VCGamers server on Discord is of course already equipped with various important features for the convenience of Vicigers in the community with many other players. Some of them that are very interesting are: there are many choices of popular games that can be played, playing together with many other community members, push rank with community members, looking for an e-sports team to be developed together, there is an interesting giveaway from VCGamers, joining favorite game community, and even provides a safe and reliable escrow payment or account service.

Calm, #adavcgamers that can meet your gaming needs. Come on! Follow account Instagram and channel  YouTube us for the latest gaming news, esports tournaments, tech & gadgets! Join the biggest gamers community in Indonesia to get the most up-to-date information and lots of interesting giveaways.

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