Listen! Tips for Penetrating the Mobile Legends Turret With Hero Meta Season 22!

turret mobile legends cover

Design turret Mobile Legends increasingly updated by Moonton to make it difficult to penetrate hero and minions. Turret in a team can be troublesome if you and the opposing team have to fight until late game, however hero your team hasn't got enough buff.

As a team defense system, turret can actually be easily destroyed by utilizing hero skills, minions or hero specialist burst damage or DPS to anticipate the minions which makescover turret.

This article will discuss how it works turret which is often overlooked by player, how to use turret to win the match and hero suitable for crushing turret opponent.

Various Turret Which Can Troubleshoot the Opponent Team's Formation

Outer Turret (Turret Outermost)

mobile legends outer turret

Outer Turret Mobile Legends is often used as a turret which plays a role in dispelling a group of minions and hero opponent who tries roaming to learn your team's strategy.

Outer turret in Mobile Legends it has base attack which is okay enough to kill hero trying to break through, which is about 320 points and will change to 404 points after the 12th minute.

What's special about outer turret this is his ability to block the opponent's attack with shield active for the first 5 minutes. Shield This is conditional, meaning that if your opponent focuses on attacking outer turret it with minions, then the effect shield will run out quickly.

Besides that, outer turret in games These mobile legends have the ability to absorb damage up to 4,500, reduce damage received is 50% in the first 3 minutes after shield destroyed. So, outer turret still safe enough to be neglected for at least the 6th minute.

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If you want to keep outer turret when playing Mobile Legends, you can place hero you around the circle turret your team to get defense buff of 15%. Turret It also has the ability to absorb damage from ranged attacks and melee up to 30%.

At the same time, outer turret it becomes turret the most vulnerable to being attacked by the opponent, especially if your opponent has hero specialist early game like Selena or Pharsa. You have to place hero specialist outer lane in the top, mid, nor bottom lane.

The turret of mobile legends is attacked by selena

You can also place roamer so that it can do a good rotation of mid to bottom, or from mid to top. But, you also have to play offensively to find gaps in the opponent's defense by advancing hero core you to every outer turret they.

If you (or the opposing team) attack outer turret Mobile Legends, then you will get additional gold every 10 damage If there is minions who is also attacking turret.

For example, you attack outer turret fought with Miya and managed to hit her with damage maximum, then you will get an additional up to 300 gold.

Inner Turret (Turret Upholstery Outer Turret)

mobile legends inner turret

Inner Turret Mobile Legends has attack by 360 and will increase to 459 in the 12th minute. MOBILE PHONE which are owned inner turret increased by Moonton to 5,500.

Skills special from turret this is an upgrade physical and magic defense by 60 points and reduces damage up to 40% if available outer turret which was destroyed during the first 8 minutes.

For example, the opponent's Baxia managed to destroy outer turret in top lane your team, then inner turret in top lane you will activate skills the passive.

If you (or your opponent) destroy turret In this case, you (or your opponent) will get a gold bonus of 150 gold. If inner turret attacked, there will be an announcement accompanied by a sign in minimap.

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Base Turret (Turret Closest to Base)

mobile legends base turret

Base Turret Mobile Legends has skills the same passive as inner turret, and placed near base as secondary defense base.

The difference with inner turret, base turret own basic attack of 520 which will increase to 641 in the 12th minute. Sadly, mid and late game are crucial times for hero opponents to bombard your team's defenses.

You can layer the defense base turret by beating Turtle and call Lord, or if you are confident enough, you can take on the opponent with your abilities hero your team only.

If base turret has been breached when early or mid game, then you also need to rotate your team quickly. Destroyed base turret will make base you are an easy target for hero opponent.

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base mobile legends

Even though it's not included turret, Base also includes your team's last defense system that has the ability to defend and attack (before being destroyed). Base in Mobile Legends is equipped with attack by 539 and increased to 585 only.

Enhancement attack Base it's not as big as outer nor inner turret, so as much as possible avoid this situation if you don't want to be overwhelmed with sharing defense and offense your team.

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besieging the opponent's mobile legends turret base

Is there any possibility of getting out of this situation? Of course there is.

You have to stay calm and condition hero the one that can burst or AoE so that the opponent and minionsit can be crushed quickly. However, you should also try not to be in this situation, because the chances of success are less than 5%.

It's like, this situation has put you in a position check and almost mat. Therefore, you should really divide the portion hero to attack and hero to maintain lane and support-his.

5 Hero Meta Season 22 To Penetrate Turret Ter-GG VCGamers Version


hero to penetrate the mobile legends granger turret

Skills Granger can quickly penetrate turret Mobile Legends at least until inner turret if not closely guarded.

This Granger advantage is roleher as marksman with a row skills which OP. Strategy Poke you can also use it if you have one hero opponents who try to chase you.

Take advantage skills 1 and 2 for Poke, then continue with basic attack to defeat minions around turret so you can use skills 1 to shoot turret from afar.

You have to be careful if there is Lesley or Beatrix because they also have long attacks that can make Granger difficult.

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hero to penetrate the mobile legends khufra turret

In second place, there is Khufra who can muffle damage from turret Mobile Legends. In early game Of course, Khufra can already threaten outer turret in the MOBILE PHONE and skills passive. Plus with skills 2 that can slaughter minions around turret.

If you or your teammates use Khufra, at least accompany Khufra so he doesn't become a victim hero which has movement, attack range and critical attack tall ones like Natalia, Saber, Kimmy or Granger.

When you are successful support Khufra, you can break through the defense turret even up to base turret before the 12th minute. Khufra as tank own CC and buff which is good so that you will be safe from the enemy's siege for a while.


hero to penetrate the turret of mobile legends benedetta

Turret in Mobile Legends it will be unsafe if it exists player who uses Benedetta mainly in lane EXP Lane or jungle. Benedetta has skills ultimate sick as well skills 2 which can make himself invulnerable for 0.8 seconds and stun hero or the target.

You can use skills passive for basic attack buff Benedetta, then followed skills 1 to slash minions and attack turret in the skills 1 or 2. You should also be able to manage timing so that ultimate Benedetta can be used to hurt hero opponent and turret at a time.

Like assassin heroes or marksman, Benedetta you can also use for poke and ward off the onslaught hero opponents who chase you so they can attack turret freely.

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hero to penetrate the mobile legends minotaur turret

Minotaur has burst skills great for cleaning minions and hero around turret Mobile Legends. Minotaur users must be able to play like when using Khufra, namely usingcover teammates or minions.

Skillset Minotaur you can use both to slaughter a group of opponents and minions or onslaught turret. Later, the Minotaur can also block hero the opponent who will kill your attacking team design turret in the skillset-his.

Unfortunately, the Minotaur has such a slow movement that it is vulnerable to debuff movement speed and stun then back slaughtered by the opponent. You should be able to ask support to your teammates if they are in that situation.


hero to penetrate the mobile legends lunox turret

Turret Mobile Legends can be an easy target for Lunox. Lunox is very popularly used in season 22 is good for support as well as finish off the mob hero fight with skillsher, complete with turret-his.

Skills 2 and ultimate Lunox is useful for giving effect slow so Lunox can direct ultimateits to turret. Your teammates can also help attack opponents whose movements have been slowed down so you can focus on cleaning up the area turret.

Rotate Lunox when your teammates use Minotaur or Granger so they can earn damage max when crushing turret.

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That's the explanation of turret in games Mobile Legends that you can use as a tactic towards team victory. As for heroes the above meta you can use as an attacker option turret Mobile Legends core and secondary.

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