New Nokia 5.4 Smartphone Will Come Back

Nokia 5.4 Polar Blue

Nokia 5.4 officially released today, which many questions are, will this year Nokia return to focus on smartphone sales, or is it just a fad.

Back to releasing a new smartphone after almost half a year of not being heard from. Nokia should have prepared this smartphone carefully. However, the cellphone that was officially brought into Indonesia is actually a cellphone that was officially released globally in December 2020.

It's not that far from December 2020 to March 2021, but if you look at the aggressiveness of its competitors, Nokia shouldn't be careless in the slightest. In fact, Nokia should also prepare the ultimate weapon, in order to win back the hearts of its consumers in Indonesia.

Nokia 5.4 Dusk
Nokia 5.4 Dusk
  • Supported 2 Years Software Updates and 3 Years Security Updates

On the first day of sales, Nokia immediately announced on their product banner that the Nokia 5.4 would be supported by software updates for 2 years and security updates for 3 years.

This should make potential HP buyers not have to worry about improvised software that will be obtained in the next 2 to 3 years.

  • 6.39 inch Punc Hole Screen

This HP screen which is 6.39 inches is also an important point in their sales. This cellphone screen uses an HD + resolution with a ratio of 19.5: 9. If we look closely, it seems that this cellphone screen is made without additional protection, such as Gorilla Glass by Corning or Dragontrail.

  • There is NFC Connectivity

NFC certainly will be a plus point here on this HP. The number of daily activities that require features NFC, create features NFC more and more loved by all circles lately.

Such as filling out or checking e-money cards, using tags NFC, and makes it easy to transfer files in one touch, although many of us are sure that when it comes to transferring files, we still need to pair bluetooth first or send it via Whatsapp.

But, we are sure NFC will be a good selling point for the people of Indonesia today.

  • Free TWS from Nokia

Bundling this cellphone with the original TWS from Nokia, is also a smart trick in our opinion to attract potential buyers. Although Nokia also equips this cellphone with earphones built in in the box.

Hopefully the quality of the TWS Nokia E3100 doesn't disappoint.

  • Gimmick Prime Quota Bonus and Free One Month Subscription Amazon Prime Video

It's okay to buy this cellphone, you get the initial bonus of 60GB quota for one year, even though it's divided by 5GB per month, that's also with a minimum of 50 thousand credits, so it's not bad, isn't it? It's up to you whether you want to use this quota or not.

Other gimmicks, such as free Amazon Prime VOD subscriptions, don't seem too likely to be a magnet to attract potential buyers to buy the Nokia 5.4. Yes, but we must appreciate Nokia for bringing the Nokia 5.4 to Indonesia.

  • The price is OK?

If it's OK or not OK with the price, go back to the respective definitions. Maybe according to Nokia the price of 3.1 million less than a thousand rupiah is the best for marketing the Nokia 5.4 in Indonesia. For a price of 3.1 million you will get a cellphone with a Snapdragon 662 processor, 4GB/64GB for RAM and internal memory, 4 main cameras, and a 4,000mAh battery without fast charging, luckily it's Type-C anyway.

So, how is it? Do you think Nokia 5.4 is worth it, Vicigers? Purchases are still in the pre-order period, yes, between March 26 to April 4, and delivery will be made on April 26, 2021. Hopefully this pre-order step will not be a blunder for Nokia.

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