No less exciting, this is a row of games similar to Among Us

Choice Games like Among Us. As we know, the Among Us game in 2020 was the choice of games with skyrocketing popularity during the rampant Corona pandemic. This one game is popular all over the world because it can be enjoyed for free with friends. What makes it interesting, Among Us is that it requires social deduction skills to find impostors among crewmates.

However, Among Us is certainly not a single player game with a social deduction concept that can be played with friends or whoever wants. So, if you are choosing a game where the gameplay requires cooperation and manipulation skills, what a choice Games like Among Us under this can be played with fun rollicking.

Push the Button

At first glance, the game Push the Button is similar to Among Us. This game is part of bundle Jackbox Party Pack 6. Games like Among Us it facilitates 4 to 10 players who are separated between humans and aliens. Then for the background also in the spaceship. In this game, the human team has the task of identifying aliens and then removing them from the spaceship. As for the group of players who act as aliens, they are tasked with sabotaging the human mission and inciting the fellow human teams to accuse each other. Push the Button can be enjoyed when players download the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle which is prepared for various platforms ranging from Android, iOS, PC, and also PS4.

Town of Salem

It is a favorite social deduction game, even before Among Us hits. This game is prepared for various platforms, namely PC, Android, iOS, and also Mac. Town of Salem facilitates 7 – 15 players gathered where each player will choose one of from 48 choices of roles provided. Each of these roles offers its own skills and missions. Well, the 48 roles were grouped into three categories including Mafia, Town, and Neutral. For Town players, the task is to catch all criminals. The Mafia group is tasked with eliminating everyone it encounters. While the Neutral group has different missions, such as wanting to exist, wanting the targeted player to die and other purposes. Players must use their skills of deduction and tactics not only to find criminals, but also to influence them others to believe.

Project Winter

Games like Among Us This takes the background of snow covered mountains which is very challenging. The player along with 7 other players is thrown into a cabin. They must save themselves by using a helicopter. But two of the eight players are actually traitors with a mission to kill other players. If the player is an innocent crew member, they must be able to work together to complete the task and then escape from the place. Players cannot discuss and then vote in order to kill the suspected player. But the player can choose one other player to be kicked out of the house because can be harm other players. Players don't just stay away from traitors but also from wild animals that can out of behind the snow to pounce. Moreover, communicating with other players can not be free. Players can only hear the conversations of other players who happen to be nearby.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

Is a mode choice in the Garry's Mod sandbox game. Games like Among Us this one groups players into teams of Traitors, Detectives, and Innocents. The Traitors group has a mission to kill all Innocents players, while Innocents needs to collaborate with the Detectives group in detecting all Traitors members. Traitors and Detectives groups can purchase weapons and other perks through special features that Innocents can't unlock. Because it is equipped with weapons and equipment, this game also offers more diverse actions than Among Us.

Werewolf Online

This Among Us-like game combines up to 16 players in a village. Players are grouped into Villagers or Werewolves. Each Villagers also has their own task where by night this group must hide from the threat of the Werewolves. Like Among Us, Werewolf Online also demands players not to just like that trust other players. Players can communicate with each other including discussing during the day. But in the evening the Werewolves group will be in action.

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