New Version of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Comes With Slight Improvements

New Version of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Comes With Slight Improvements

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G has been out since October, but it looks like a new version is on its way, possibly coming with a Snapdragon 865 chipset.

This information circulated after WinFuture claimed to have seen the phone on Samsung Scandinavia's website and on various sellers' websites for the region.

The current version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G has the Exynos 990 chipset, with only the 5G model getting the Snapdragon 865, and in the meantime, both chipsets are theoretically the same class chipset. high-end, however in practice Snapdragon seems to perform better.

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Minor improvements to Galaxy S20 FE 4G

New Version of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Comes With Slight Improvements
Galaxy S20 FE, Source: Samsung Indonesia Official Website
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In this case, it makes sense that Samsung would replace the chipset, but given that the company itself made the Exynos. If the chipset is replaced with Snapdragon 865 like the 5G variant, then it almost looks like an acknowledgment that the rival chipset performs better.

Anyway, WinFuture claims that a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE will be launched in many countries soon, although the report only specifically mentions Scandinavia and Germany, so it remains to be seen if other countries like UK, US and Australia will get it.

Prices at European retailers seem to range from 600 euros (about $ 720 / £ 520/ AU $ 930) to 750 euros (about $ 900 / £ 650 / AU $ 1,160), but this is likely not an official Samsung price either.

Apart from the chipset, this model is exactly the same as the current 4G model (assuming the information from the retailer is correct), and apart from the lack of 5G, it seems that the specifications provided on this cellphone are exactly the same as the 5G variant.

Mungkin harga yang diberikan sebenarnya bisa jadi akan sama dengan harga Galaxy S20 FE 5G. Informasi mana yang benar? Mari kita tunggu sama-sama sampai varian terbaru ini resmi meluncur.

Meskipun demikian, kalaupun nanti kamu berniat untuk membelinya, kita tidak yakin akan seberapa menariknya HP itu nanti. Karena hanya sedikit peningkatan pada versi 4G saat ini, dan masih kalah dengan versi 5G.

Meski begitu, dengan Samsung Galaxy S21 FE yang mungkin tidak akan datang untuk sementara waktu, Galaxy S20 FE versi baru bisa menggoda beberapa Samsung fans.

Kalau mungkin nantinya versi peningkatan dari HP ini akan masuk ke Indonesia, semoga saja harganya tidak akan jauh dari harga SRP Galaxy S20 FE 4G yang sudah resmi terlebih dahulu di Indonesia.

Galaxy S20 FE 4G resmi SEIN di Indonesia dibanderol dengan harga SRP 8 juta rupiah untuk varian 8/128GB, dan 9 juta rupiah untuk varian 8/256GB.

Paling tidak, kita berharap perbedaan harga tidak terlalu jauh dari harga tersebut.

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