Newest IG Filter 2022, Which one have you tried?

Latest IG filters

For those of you who don't want to be left behind with current trends, it's really mandatory to know a number of things filter latest IG.

Various platform Social media often presents the latest features for its users, including: Instagram who presents filter latest IG.

Being one of the social media with many active users, Instagram provides a lot of filter interesting to pamper users.

As a photo and video sharing application, you as a user certainly want your uploads to have a beautiful appearance.

Therefore, you can take advantage of various filter The latest IG to make it look more attractive and also follow the trend that is currently viral.

In this article we will review anything filter The latest IG of 2022 and how to find it.

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About IG Filters

Latest IG filters
Latest IG filters (Source: Digital Trends)

Filter IG is a feature that allows us to combine original uploads, whether photos or videos, with virtual effects. There are various kinds of virtual effects that you can try to make uploads more interesting.

Generally, filter You can find IG easily through the Instagram Story or Reels feature because these uploads use more virtual effects. Even so, you can still apply it for uploads on the Feed or on Facebook live instagram.

How to Find the Latest IG Filters

Latest IG filters
Illustration of the latest IG Filter (Source: Digital Trends)

For those of you who don't want to be left behind with ongoing trends, you can use filter IG that's going viral.

To find it is also not so difficult because there are several ways that you can do. Here's how to find it.

Search IG Filters from Own Account Story

The easiest way to search filter The latest IG is through your own Instagram Story feature.

  • Open the Instagram app and swipe left to open the Instagram Story feature.
  • Look for Browse Effects or Explore Effects in the lower right corner by sliding the row filter.
  • After that, there are many filter IG with various categories that you can choose.
  • If filter what you want is not there, you can type it in the search field.
  • Choose the filter then you can select "try it" to try it.
  • If you have, you can save it by selecting "save effect" so that it can immediately appear in the Story feature.

Find IG Filters from Other People's Story Posts

Moment scrolling On Instagram, sometimes you see other people's stories that have more interesting virtual effects. Well, you can save filterfrom that account.

The method is also quite easy, just by clicking the name filterthe one at the bottom username. Then select "try it" and if it feels right you can choose "save effect".

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Latest IG Filter List

Latest IG filters
Illustration of the latest IG Filter (Source: Quartz)

Glow Up

Filter The first new IG is Glow Up which almost all users like because this effect can make your face brighter. In addition, there are other features that you can use from this effect, one of which is a music effect.

Don't Judge Me

Next is filter IG called Don't Judge Me which can give various unique and strange effects on your face. Don't be surprised if when you first use it, your face will look ugly.

You don't need to worry because the effect will last only a few seconds because after that it turns back to being charming.

Colored Hair

The next latest IG filter that you shouldn't miss to try is Colored Hair. As you might guess from the name, this virtual effect allows you to change your hair color as you wish.

This effect is certainly very suitable for those of you who may not have the time and money to dye your hair directly at the salon. With Colored Hair, you will have a charming look in photos or videos.

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Both Frames

The latest IG filter that is no less viral is the Both Frame made by Faizalakew which is quite interesting. This virtual effect is suitable for those of you who want to have photos with polaroid.

Video content, whether it's Stories or Reels, will become more lively and interesting if you try to use these virtual effects.

Jet Lag

If you want to get photos or videos with professional quality, this latest IG Filter can be your choice. The reason is, this effect called Jet Lag can focus an object in a photo or video.

So, when you focus on an object, the object behind it becomes background will be blurry. It's also quite helpful when you take selfies at night flash.

In addition, this virtual effect also has several features besides making objects focus and blur, one of which is the presence of cool lullaby music.

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Don't Look Physical

This latest IG filter doesn't seem much different from the previous virtual effect, Don't Judge Me. The reason is, the effect called Don't Look Physical can also make the face more beautiful and charming.

No wonder many other users are surprised when someone uses this virtual effect.

High Hopes

You may have seen a number of Story or Reels videos with content containing beautiful and aesthetic views. Well, that content usually uses an IG filter called High Hopes.

High Hopes itself is a filter created by a creator with username @kolaborasikopi_. So, if you want to create content about natural landscapes, it is absolutely mandatory to use these virtual effects.

Well, that's a number filter The latest IG to make Instagram uploads on Feed or Stories even more interesting and of course following the trend that is currently viral. How about Vicigers, have you tried it? filter Which one?

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