WOW, finally the new coach Bigetron Aliens has arrived in Indonesia!

New Coach Bigetron Aliens Has Arrived in Indonesia!

BTR Jangs, the new coach of Bigetron Red Aliens from Malaysia, arrived in Indonesia on 12/04/2021.

Coach Jangs finally landed in Indonesia to train Bigetron Red Aliens directly. Of course, the arrival of Jangs can give players a new injection of enthusiasm ahead of the Grand Final.


BTR has just locked the title of regular season PMPL ID Season 3, last Sunday (11/4). They actually don't appear consistent enough, but BTR is still a very strong BTR.

BTR became the champion with a total score of 378 points. Then there is Evos Reborn who follows with 365 points and GD Gids with 323 points.

BTR's performance had slumped in Super Week 3 yesterday, but they had a tantrum in Super Week 2 and won almost 200 points.


Of course there was a role for Coach Jangs behind BTR's impressive performance at that time. However, for three weeks of the regular season, Jangs was forced to train Zuxxy et al. with the remote method because he is still in Malaysia.

With the long-distance method, BTR can become the champion, so what if it's face-to-face?

It's arrived, but must quarantine
Bigetron's new coach

Most recently, Jangs was reported to have arrived in Indonesia a few days ago. However, he must comply with applicable health protocols.

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