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neon agent valorant

At the moment Valorant become a game that is loved by many gamers around the world. By having a lot skills used which we usually know as agent. Agent Valorant is a character where player can choose the desired agent or character. Of course, each character or agent valorant has different skills and expertise. They use a lot of skills to attack or defend according to their characteristics. Currently there is a new valorant agent that will be released by riot games, namely Neon. The following is a review of the valorant neon agent from the Philippines.

New Neon Agent Valorant
Picture By : Riot Games

New Agent Valorant's Neon Profile

“Filipino agent Neon surged forward with shocking speed, emitting a burst of bioelectrical emission as fast as his body produced. He dashes forward to catch the enemy off guard, then attacks them faster than lightning.”

Hailing from Manila, VALORANT's 19th recruit is a young duelist who can surpass the rest of the cast, shock the competition and slide straight into the fight. In a fast-paced game, having Neon join you might prove instrumental in completing a lightning-fast spin.

The Pros of the New Valorant Neon Agent

The advantage of this new Agent Valorant is that neon is one of the counters from jetts where the skills are the same and can also be relied on to make killing more instant. Neon is also one of the valorant agents that can be used easily for beginners. For those of you who like to rush and kill, this is the agent you need the most right now and also has a pretty good track record.

Disadvantages of New Valorant Neon Agent

This new agent valorant is more directed towards instant kills and it is also difficult to use skills which if using skills incorrectly can have an impact on team play. Neon is also still an agent who rushes. Therefore it takes a high skill to kill.

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Skill Neon The Duelist

E – High Gear

High Gear is a new valorant agent skill
Picture By: Riot Games

Instantly channel Neon power to increase speed. When filled, alt-fire (right click) to increase the slide. This new Agent Valorant must have quite a painful skill

Her sprint lasts 15 seconds if used from 100 to 0, and her High Gear battle slide resets every two kills.

His signature sprinting ability puts his gear together. It automatically recharges when not in use, and will recharge 25% of the sprint bar after each kill. The downside of the sprint ability is that Neon will not have a weapon while he is sprinting.

Neon also has a High Gear battle dashboard that can be used while he is running, but he only slides in the direction of his run. It has one charge per spin but is refilled after every two kills.

During a Valorant game developer Q&A on January 7, 2022, Filipino game designer Valorant Ryan “rycoux” Cousart explained that Neon was developed with speed in mind.

"We wanted to make sure Neon was the fastest agent in Valorant, but on the pitch," Cousart said.

Q – Relay Bolt

Relay Bolt is a new valorant neon agent skill
Picture By: Riot Games

Instantly throws a bolt of energy that bounces once. After hitting every surface, the bolt shook the ground below with a thunderous boom. Stun Relay Bolt lasts for 2.5 seconds.

Neon's Relay Bolt is great for slowing thrusts, and clearing corners and defensive positions on entry, as the concussion area of \u200b\u200bexplosion can literally penetrate walls. Anyway, this new valorant agent is very powerful.

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C- Fast Lane

Fast Lane skill agent valorant new neon
Picture By: Riot Games

Fast Lane shoots two lines of energy forward on the ground that extend a short distance or until they touch the surface. The line rises to a wall of static electricity that blocks vision and damages enemies that pass through it.

This ability lasts for six seconds and extends the entire length of the spike site.

The Fast Lane Neon Tunnel allows him to run around his opponents. It can also be used by his allies as an entry tool to take over spike sites. It will also deal damage to enemies that hit one of the energy walls.

X – Overdrive

New valorant agent ultimate skill neon
Picture By: Riot Games

Unleash Neon's power and speed for a short time. The fire to channel its power into a deadly beam of lightning with high movement accuracy.

Both duration and slide reset on each kill. Ultimate lasts for 20 seconds.

Casting Overdrive will completely refill its sprint bar, and getting kills will extend Neon's ultimate duration.

This is a lightning ray where you will have a fixed time to kill. The beam has 40 payloads, equivalent to the number of bullets in the gun. Overdrive has complete aiming accuracy when running, but blocks become inaccurate in the air when jumping.

Stopping the blocks will increase the cost. Overdrive deals no critical damage to headshots or less damage to foot shots. It does a fixed amount of damage which gets weaker the further the target is from Neon.

Doing a crosshairs duel against weapons like Phantoms, Vandals, and Sheriffs puts Neon at a disadvantage, as he cannot kill a target with a single hit while multiple Valorant weapons can.

Neon Realese Date

Neon, the new agent valorant will be released on January 11, 2022. You can get the duelist on that date. Surely there will be many who buy the agent because it is felt that it can be a counter from the jett itself.

Well, that's the new Neon Agent Valorant that will be released. How about you yourself, are you interested in playing this new agent of valorant?

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