Murderous Pursuits Review, Kill Or Be Killed

Games for mobile platforms are getting more and more diverse choices. Not only racing games, now also many adventure, simulation or Trivia games. Even now there are many mobile games that carry new gameplay. NetEase Games brings PC gaming to mobile platforms by launching Murderous Pursuits. Game with the theme of hunting between players that is very exciting and tense.

3D Vintage Look

Murderous Pursuits brings a vintage look style or returns to the old 80s era. Each element such as the model of curtains, walls, tables, glasses and others looks typical of the ancient era. Each character displayed was designed to wear a European 80s fashion model. However, visually, the Murderous Pursuits game is of good quality. The characters are described very subtly including the character's facial expressions that display various expressions.

Interactive Storyline

Each character featured in Murderous Pursuits has a background story that is quite fun to know. Each of these stories can be completed so that it can make the proximity bar of characters and players full. Once full, various rewards such as Gold, Diamond and new skins await. The character's backstory is as interactive as a visual novel game. Players can help the character through the storyline by determining the choice of available conversation answers. Each answered conversation also automatically adds proximity points.

Hunted and Hunted

The main thing is Murderous Pursuits offers a theme resembling a game of hide and seek. But players are not only being hunted, but at the same time hunting other players. Players must interact with the NPCs they meet, then try to kill other players as targets. Doing it in secret, of course. Players are shown an indicator, namely a bar icon at the top of the screen how far from the target player. The bar can be full when the target player is near the player. But the target also activates the same character as the NPC. That means the player must guess correctly when going to finish. Because if you guess wrong, the player will be attacked again and receive a penalty. Vice versa when around the enemy, players must be able to hide safely so that they can easily escape or attack back. Players can also detect hunters from the skull bar indicator.

Solo and Team Mode

There are two solo and team modes that can be played in Murderous Pursuits. For solo mode, players must find the target themselves while staying away from the targeting opponent. As for team mode, players have a mission to protect another player from being killed by other team hunters. Then when fighting each character is equipped with various skills. The skill will also increase in choice according to the level achieved. Each mastered skill can also be improved by collecting fragments obtained from rewards in the form of chests that can be opened every time you get the required key. The key can be collected each time the player plays Murderous Pursuits.

Each subsequent skill can support players in action such as disguise skills, dodge, counterattack, launch stun effects, or skills to find the target position. Furthermore, each character also brings passive skills that have their own effects. Every time you play Murderous Pursuits, players can only activate 4 skills. Therefore, players must determine which skills are relevant to their playing habits.

One more thing, players can also play Ranked mode with tiers like other competition games. Players can run push rank to earn points every time they win or at least enter the top four. However, if the player loses and is ranked below the top four, the points will automatically be deducted.

Fair Play

Being one of the choices of competitive games for the Mobile platform, of course, the Pay to Win rumors are a lot of concern among gamers. Murderous Pursuits understands that, therefore this game is made with a very fair system. The game takes place according to the skills possessed by the player. Meanwhile, the available microtransactions are limited to paying for complementary items such as skins or weapons. It should be noted that the weapons available in Murderous Pursuits do not have the slightest effect when used in combat. Nothing more so that the character looks more manly.

Murderous Pursuits become a game that can provide a new path to run mobile games. In this game, players can act as the hunted and need. The stealth element where players have to interact with NPCs is a really ok concept, because it makes the game even more challenging.

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