MPL Season 7 Will Start Soon!

MPL Season 7
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At the end of this month, the prestigious competition Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Indonesia will start soon. Yes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Season 7 will be held starting on February 26, 2021. Of course, the competition between Esport teams in the MOBA game will heat up again.

Moreover, several strong teams participating in this event will also bring a different squad or strategy compared to the previous event. Obviously, big matches will be presented because there are several Esport teams that have their own 'revenge' when playing crucial rounds in previous events.

Questions about MPL Season 7

On the other hand, this competition will be quite fierce. Bearing in mind, in each previous event the atmosphere that appeared was always hot. In the previous two seasons, RRQ Hoshi continued to appear strong in this event. The proof, Lemon cs continues to be the winner. Even so, the team nicknamed 'King of Kings' has just played poorly in its last two competitions namely MPLI and M2.

Even so, MPL Season 7 will be a pretty good venue for esport teams in Indonesia to be able to prove the title of the next strongest team. You may already know about Alter Ego who managed to surprise all of his last three competitions last year. Yes, the team that earned the nickname 'Dark Horse' was able to become a finalist in MPL Season 6, winner in MPLI and placed third in M2.

It's not impossible, Udil cs will be one of the new candidates who might become champions in this event. However, on the upcoming event there will still be Evos Legends with a new roster that will fill the squad line-up.

Last season, there were around 8 Esports teams that competed. In detail, Alter Ego, Aurafire, Bigetron Alpha, Evos Legends, Geek Fam, Genflix Aerowolf, ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

Even so, until now there is still no official news regarding the continuation of the Esports teams that will play in MPL Season 7. Most likely, the teams that will compete will certainly remain unchanged from before.

Maybe later there will be Esports teams that will be in the spotlight when MPL Season 7 starts. Remember, recently there has been a transfer of players taking place between each team. Of course, you will be surprised when you find out about the new faces in each of these Esports teams.

Apart from that, we will also tell you about the teams that won the MPL in previous seasons. Remember, this will make you remember the Esports teams that were victorious in their era.

  • MPL Season 1

NXL Roxy won the championship and Evos Sports became the runner up.

  • MPL Season 2

RRQ succeeded in becoming the champion and Evos Sports had to be satisfied to return to the runner-up position.

  • MPL Season 3

ONIC Esport managed to win and Louvre Esports came out as runners up.

  • MPL Season 4

Evos Legends finally managed to become the champion and RRQ Hoshi became the runner up.

  • MPL Season 5

RRQ Hoshi this time succeeded in becoming the champion and Evos Legends had to settle for being the runner up.

  • MPL Season 6

RRQ Hoshi again managed to become the champion and Alter Ego became the runner up.

Seeing the teams that have made it to the top match in MPL, makes you curious about which Esports team will emerge victorious in MPL Season 7.

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