MPL is open to the public, first read the terms and conditions

MPL Open to the Public

MPL Indonesia has finally officially announced that the prestigious MPL competition is open to the public. 

In other words, MPL is held regularly offline with spectators who can watch live matches of their favorite team.

As you know, the prestigious competition of the scene Mobile Legends Indonesia started rolling on February 18 and will end on April 24, 2022.

This competition has been going on for quite a long time on line without an audience. In fact, it's almost 5 seasons MPL ID S9 never roll offline which of course this pandemic is the reason.

Now, in the 9th season which has entered its final stages regular season, MPL Indonesia officially decided to hold an MPL open to the public. This means that the audience can directly attend the MPL arena to watch the match.

The organizers conveyed the news directly via uploads to their Instagram accounts MPL Indonesia some time ago.

This news is of course very encouraging news as well as providing an answer when MPL is open to the public. 

That's because Mobile Legends fans have certainly been waiting for a long time when they can come directly to the MPL arena to watch.

With the passing of MPL open to the public, the enthusiasm of the audience also seems to be increasing.

Even so, the organizers still provide terms & conditions and regulations, especially strict health protocols because this pandemic is still endemic.

Because MPL is open to the public, visitors who will watch MPL must comply with these rules to avoid an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Well, for Vicigers who want to directly support your favorite team in the arena but are still confused about what the requirements are, don't worry, just take a look at the full review below.

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MPL Terms and Conditions You Must Pay Attention to

MPL Open to the Public
Illustration of MPL ID S9

As explained at the beginning, at the end regular season The organizers finally decided to hold an MPL open to the public.

MPL Indonesia as the organizer has also released several terms and conditions that visitors must comply with if they are going to watch live in the arena.

This of course aims to support the smooth running of the match and not cause obstacles and disturbances to the match.

For clarity, here are the full terms and conditions.

The ticket that has been purchased is only valid for one person and this ticket is refundable.

In addition, spectators are required to fill out a confirmation form and upload the antigen results the day before the match at the stadium link The existing drive after purchasing a ticket.

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How to Redeem MPL Tickets at Arena

MPL Open to the Public
Illustration of MPL ID S9
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If you have purchased the ticket, then you need to exchange the ticket to gain access to the arena. 

To exchange tickets is not too difficult and only needs to do a few steps.

Viewers only need to prepare a QR code on the e-mail sent from after buying tickets.

After that, the audience must do scan QR code at the counter entrance to be exchanged for a bracelet to enter the MPL arena.

Seating selection system first come-first serve. In other words, the player who came first, can choose the available seats according to their wishes. 

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MPL Rules in Arena

MPL Open to the Public
MPL S9 arena illustration

After exchanging tickets and getting access to the MPL arena in the form of a bracelet, you must also obey the rules that apply in the arena.

There are quite a lot of rules and you certainly have to understand them well so that your favorite team can also compete optimally. Here are some of the rules that apply in the arena.

Spectators are required to go through body temperature checks and perform check in through the PeduliLindung application.

The organizers will not allow spectators who have a body dawn of more than 37.5 degrees to enter the MPL match arena.

Spectators with vaccines requiring 2 doses must have completed 14 days from the date of the second dose.

In addition, all spectators of all ages are required to wear masks at all times.

Then, the audience must pay attention and maintain a social distance of about one to two meters while in the MPL arena.

Visitors can also take advantage of hand sanitizer available in various places within the MPL arena.

Officers do not allow spectators to bring food or drinks in the MPL arena.

Viewers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a companion such as a parent or adult who must have taken the full dose of vaccine.

Officers do not allow spectators to bring instruments that can cause noise in the MPL arena. In this case, the organizers will provide exclusive balloons that the audience can use.

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Lastly, the organizers will open the door for the MPL arena 20 minutes before the match starts.

Well, that's a complete discussion of the terms and conditions as well as some rules that you need to obey if you want to watch in the MPL arena.

Make sure the Vicigers meet the requirements so they can directly support their favorite team.

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