The Most Exciting Choice of 8 Virtual Pet Android Game Titles

Caring for pets, of course, has many benefits. These cute animals can accompany their owners everyday as well as entertainment in times of stress due to work piled up. They are also the reason we want to go home soon. It's just that not everyone is able or has the time for these activities. Therefore the solution is Android virtual pet games funny following.

Some people may be too busy with work in the office or at home that there is no special space to place the pet. Others are allergic to animal hair. As a result, people can't even take care of pets even if they want to.

If you are one of those people, there is a solution for caring for pets comfortably and safely. It's an Android virtual pet game that can be run from a smartphone. Of course, the sensation is not the same as caring for live animals, but at least this activity can be used as an entertainer and spare time filler.

Without further ado, below are various options Android virtual pet games best interesting to play. Just take advantage of your free time!

Neko Atsume

here Android virtual pet games which is quite famous where here players will be asked to adopt a stray cat found on the streets as much as possible to then be kept. Found various species of cat that must be unlocked in order to be cared for. How to play this game is easy, players just have to look for the desired item. The cat will appear by itself in the backyard.


If you feel alone, please play Android virtual pet games This one is sure to be a lot of friends to meet. Hellopet is a type of game caring for pets that is not the same as the others. Players do not have to log in to meet pets. These cute animals will roam on the phone screen all the time. The pet rests on the homescreen and also plays while the player is typing something. That means players will feel always together with the animals.


In Android virtual pet games It's the player's job is very simple, is to ensure fun and health. It can be run enough to bring it to play, cook, bathe and various other activities. Uniquely, Bubbu offers around 30 mini games that you can try with your pet cat. Surely players will not feel bored when they have played Bubbu.

Virtual Pet: Dinosaur Life

If you are interested in caring for pets but that is different from usual, players should download this Android game. As the title suggests, players have to raise a dinosaur and then make sure that the ancient animal is always happy. The dinosaurs that are kept are not scary at all and are even fun to play with. For the food menu as food consumed by humans, for example: hamburgers, sandwiches and also various fruits. Attention must also be given.

My Boo

Instead of pets, in this virtual pet Android game, players must take care of a tiny, round monster. Even though he is a monster, he is quite funny. Players have to take care of it, give it attention, then also bring it to play. It's fun again, the more levels you get, the more various items you can try from costumes, cages, to food.

My Tiny Pet

Another unique creature that can be treated is the tiny monster. Players can decide for themselves which color monsters, for example yellow, blue and pink. As with other Android virtual pet games, players also have to take care of them and keep the creature from getting sick. My Tiny Pet can also be played with other players.

Happy Pet Story

In this game, players are allowed to dress their pets. So players can make it a dog, cat, tiger, or a combination of the three. Not only ordered to maintain it, players can also beautify the cage as attractive as possible. Players can also bring pets to visit neighbors to socialize.

Cats are Cute

In Android virtual pet games In this case, the player acts as a resident in Meow Town. His task is to find 42 cats that have different looks and characters. The player must give whatever the cat wants. For example, serving food, beautifying the cage and also unlocking several other items.

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