What will happen to Mobile Legends when Moonton is bought by TikTok?

Moonton bought by Tiktok

For lovers online game Of course, you are no stranger to games MOBA genre battle royale named Mobile Legends this of course. Well, investigate a calibaration, reportedly the creator of mobile legends games, Moonton bought by Tiktok. So, what would happen if the creator of Mobile Legends was this bought by another party?

It should be reminded again that Mobile Legends is one of games MOBA that is so popular among fans gamers. Not just because of the game genre battle royale only what makes it interesting, but also various events as well as competitions are often held to forge brotherly ties between opponents around the world.

However, there is news that is quite shocking to cyberspace and the world games where lately there are things that are being discussed by the public. Where as it is reported that the creator of Mobile Legends game named Moonton was bought by the creators of TikTok. So, what is the real news? Check out the following explanation.

When Moonton Buys TikTok What Happens?

  • Reported from the ByteDance page which explained and announced that TikTok had acquired Moonton. This is conveyed through the video business unit games

Bytedance is a studio games which is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Of course, this acquisition clearly shows the seriousness of ByteDance towards its efforts to expand its business video gamesits.

  • If quoted from the detikINET page that comes from Reuters, it is said that the deal for this acquisition bought Moonton at a pretty fantastic price. The value is also not kidding, where Moonton was given a dowry of USD 4 billion or the equivalent of 57.4 trillion rupiah.
  • This acquisition was apparently done because ByteDance, which has been known as the official owner of TikTok, made the latest breakthrough in the business. video games which he has been doing so far. This of course has an impact on its position which is so rapidly competing directly with China's Tencent.
  • It is also said that ByteDance explains the existence of cross-collaboration team This is done by leveraging insights from the rapid growth and development of technology. Moonton has also provided strategic support where this is really needed by ByteDance in accelerating the development of games Nuverse globally.
  • According to an unnamed source, said in an internal memo, that Moonton's CEO, Yuan Jing, had said that his company would operate independently of ByteDance following the acquisition process.
  • Previously, company video games and the largest social media originating from China, Tencent, has already taken an interest in Moonton. But unfortunately, the offer made by Tencent was rejected by Moonton. This is because Moonton prefers to join and be under the auspices of ByteDance, in other words Moonton is bought by TikTok.
  • It should be noted that Moonton was founded by a former employee of Tencent himself. Then, over time, Moonton finally turned into a studio games which is so big.

This is because gameswhich is so phenomenal in the world games, that is Mobile Legends. Games this is the only one games created by Moonton and is still being developed today. This is really different from other developers who released several games, but can prove that Moonton is really serious and focused on one thing games that has been made, so that it can maximize Mobile Legends this.

Influence Mobile Legends After Moonton Purchased By TikTok

  • Even though Moonton has been bought by TikTok, it's very likely Mobile Legends game This will continue to be developed in the future. However, even though this possibility exists, Bytedance's own plans towards development Mobile Legends this is still unknown at this time. Maybe, all of that will be considered later after the acquisition process from Moonton is successfully carried out.
  • For the players Mobile Legends game also no need to worry about the fate of Mobile Legends game itself. Of course, ByteDance has already planned what is the best thing to do for development Mobile Legends Because it is very unlikely that after the acquisition process was successful, ByteDance would abandon it games most popular class Mobile Legends.
  • It should also be noted that if Mobile Legends is under the auspices of this ByteDance (Nuverse), then Mobile Legends game this too seems to be in a pretty good position and another possibility that could happen is where games this will be one games very reliable. This of course will affect the development of Mobile Legends game this is still very wide open. Naturally, Mobile Legends game even better with perfect management.
  • If viewed from the data Hot Shuite and We Are Social, it is said that Mobile Legends game it continues to be ranked first on top mobile games most popular when viewed based on the number of players.

Here are some things to know from the development Mobile Legends game which is said that Moonton was bought by TikTok. Hopefully in the future Mobile Le gamegends this can still be one games popular all over the world.

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