WOW! Moments And Gameplay From The Games Of Valorant! Must See And Learn! #2

Moments And Gameplay From The Games Of Valorant! Must See And Learn! #2

Hello vicigers, this time the author will show you moments and gameplay recorded from the author's own game results and will describe each video so that vicigers can be good at playing Valorant!

Here the author will give an example of how to set the aim at the opponent's head so that we can easily kill the opponent, because only the head is not protected by a shield.

Moments And Gameplay From The Games Of Valorant! Must See And Learn! #2

Here is the video recording:

Now, in the video just now, you can see me peek right at Reyna's head. The method is very easy, vicigers only need to put the crosshair point right in the middle and then raise it a little so that it fits on the opponent's head like in the video.

In the second video I use the same method, and with fast reflexes I can take down Omen right on his head, by using a weapon like Vandal we can only use 1 bullet to kill an enemy.

It has been proven that such methods are effective and easy to kill enemies. 

If you are used to it, you will definitely get the feeling of aiming for the enemy's head like in the video, shooting randomly, but because I am used to it and have gotten the feel so I can get casual kills with prizes.

Bonus video for you vicigers, video where I get ACE. but the drawback is that I don't get a headshot and reload the magazine too often.

Thank you vicigers for reading this article. Don't forget to read articles about valorant and other games only at

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