Mobile Legend Hero Skin Levels

Mobile Legend Hero Skins

Just like other games, Mobile Legend also has a different appearance of heroes called skins. With this skin, it will make a different appearance and give positive effects, starting from 8 points of magic power, 8 points of physical attack, and 100 points of HP. But in Mobile Legend, there are Levels of Skin Hero Mobile Legend that you should know.

As is known, the Mobile Legend game turns out to have skin levels. This will make Mobile Legend users feel proud and increase their confidence by using the skin.

Then there are heroes who have lots of animation effects. Starting from the display model to the hero design. The animation comes from when using a skill, when recalling, or to voice over on the hero. So, there are lots of visual effects provided by Moonton.

In addition, not all skins have an expensive price. There are also skins that have low prices, you can see this from the level of the skin. Therefore, just look at the reviews below regarding the level of Mobile Legend skins.

Mobile Legend Hero Skin Levels Starting from the Cheapest Price

  1. Unlabeled Skins

This unlabeled hero skin is a skin that is only changed to the hero design. In fact, there are no prominent changes from the original hero. Then the price of this unlabeled hero skin is quite cheap. You can get it with 200 diamonds.

  1. Elite Skins

Actually, this hero skin with the 'elite' label is already very special. Because, there are several elite skins that have attracted attention from their appearance, such as Argus Catastrophe skin, Hayabusa Future Enforcer, Karina Spider Lily and many more.

This elite skin hero has a distinctive effect, including changing the color of the effect when using a skill. However, the elite label actually shows that the skin has a cheap price.

  1. Skin Season

Then the third Mobile Legend Hero Skin Level is the season skin. You can get this skin for free. However, the requirement to get the season skin is that you have to play in ranked mode and at least reach the Master tier.

In fact, the skin season itself also looks very interesting and cool. You can get the skin for free, even though there are no interesting effects that you can get. Like the Moskov Yahsa skin, Alpha Gladiator, and Minotaur Taurus.

  1. Star Skins

When you make a purchase to become a starlight member, the advantage is that you will get a permanent exclusive skin with a star label. In this type of skin, you can be a little stylish with the skin. Because, it shows if you have capital and don't use free skins,

  1. Special Skins

Usually, this special skin is here to celebrate a certain moment. For example, when it was Christmas, Moonton released Lancelot and Odette with the theme 'Cristmas Carnival'. Then on Valentine's Day, Alucard Romantic Fantasy and Miya Sweet Fantasy skins were also released. Then at the moment of Chinese New Year, there is the Aurora Foxy Lady and many more.

  1. Limited skins

Then on limited skins, you can get them at certain events. One of them is the Eudora Vivo Selfie Goddess Skin, you can only get the Eudora skin when you buy a Vivo phone. Besides that, there is Miya Honor, you can only get it when you buy a Huawei phone.

  1. Epic Skins

This skin with the Epic label has become the target of many Mobile Legend players. This is because the Epic skin itself has a very luxurious visual effect. Even at this Mobile Legend Hero Skin Level labeled Epic, it can be obtained at limited events.

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