MMR Mobile Legends and How to Calculate in Season 20

MMR Mobile Legends How to Calculate?

Hallo Vicigers friends, MMR stands for Match Making Rate, or in short, the winning points. The term MMR usually identical to the game DOTA, but in the Mobile Legends game there is also the term MMR even though the packaging is different.

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In MLBB, MMR is called power, and each hero has their own MMR value. MMR in this game only exists in ranked mode and only opens after playing 15 ranked matches.

If you are aiming for a local top position or a global top on the ranked leaderboard Mobile Legends, then you have to pay attention to the MMR points of hero your hero. So how do you calculate MMR? How can MMR points be increased and decreased?

MMR in Mobile Legends and how is it calculated?
Source : Oneesport
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MMR calculation system in Mobile Legends

The addition of MMR or power points in Mobile Legends is calculated based on the player's own MMR level. The number of points earned and deducted scales with each rank.

If the MMR value is below 2000, you can get 20-25 points if you win, and decrease 1-3 points if you lose.

If the MMR value is between 2000-3500, you can get 7-14 points if you win, and decrease by 2 points if you lose.

If the MMR value is above 3500, you can get 1 point if you win, and reduce 15-20 points if you lose.

Of course there are several factors that affect the gain/decrease of MMR points. One of the main factors is the achievement of bronze, silver, gold and MVP medals in every match.

If your match results are getting better, you can even reach MVP, then you can get maximum points or at least minimize the loss of MMR points.

Because you already understand how the addition and subtraction of MMR points work, so your Vicigers friends can now play ranked more freely and focus. Keep playing well so you can get to the global top!

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