Mines Of Mars, The Fun of a SandBox Game That Is Different From The Other

Games Mines Of Mars wants players to survive as long as possible on the planet Mars. In this game the player is tasked with being a miner who is the only person still alive on this red planet investigation mission. While waiting for the rescue team to arrive, players must be able to survive by finding various materials that can be used to upgrade all the items and weapons they have.

Keep Digging

Player Mines Of Mars no need to make the slightest building like other sandbox games. Everything is already there, for example the location for cutting gems, crafting places to teleporting as a means of moving in the mining area. The player's mission is just to keep digging until the items and weapons they have really allow players to stay alive on Mars. The first time you play it, players are presented with a tutorial on how to get to mining using teleport. After arriving at the mine, players are required to find various materials such as iron, copal, or bronze. After that, the player must transport all the materials to the surface of Mars using the teleport.

Just a player Mines Of Mars must also consider the remaining fuel for the jetpack. The fuel must not run out before the player can return to teleport. The remaining fuel marker can be seen on the lower right icon screen. After arriving at the surface the player must transport the material to the gem production location, so that the raw material can then be used. With 1 iron, it can be made into 1 iron ingot. After that, players can move to the crafting area as a step to upgrade the items they have. For example, you will produce an iron pickaxe, for that players need 5 iron ingots. Meanwhile, if you want to produce bronze pickaxe, players need a combination of 1 opal stone, 1 bronze ingot and 1 iron ingot.

First time players play Mines Of Mars can only transport 5-10 raw materials for one transportation. Therefore, it is very important to complete the upgrade of the items used to make the route more efficient. Likewise for the rifles and jetpacks they own. The better the rifles and jetpacks you have, the longer the journey will be and the easier it will be to deal with aliens.

Getting Used to Control

Some players may have difficulty with the control features provided in Mines Of Mars. Moving can be reached by tapping the left area of the screen and then dragging it to the desired position. Meanwhile, if you want to use a jetpack, players must tap and hold until it is active, then they can air. Meanwhile, if you want to dig the player must tap and then drag on the part of the land that you want to mine. The control features are sometimes not responsive enough, for example when players dig but instead move places. This fact will certainly be more difficult when compared to sandbox games, just use a tap if you want to dig. While shooting control is by tapping and holding the right area of the screen and then aiming at the target. To shoot is also not so sensitive.

Fun Visuals

But apart from the uncomfortable control, however Mines Of Mars capable of producing very cool visuals. The quality of the display from Mines Of Mars can be said to be very good and thorough. Players are sure to be impressed by the fairly smooth shift of day to night as the game progresses. Apart from that, music or sound effects when playing also complement each other.

Premium Games

Like most other types of sandbox games, Mines Of Mars can be redeemed at a cost of IDR 49,000. The Mines Of Mars game doesn't even offer an In App Purchase in it. Instead, players will enjoy the experience of adventure, mining and also fighting with giant aliens on Mars. Mines Of Mars game may not necessarily be completed in a few days. In general, Mines Of Mars is a pretty fun game to enjoy. Offering a slightly different gameplay than other sandbox games, Mines Of Mars can certainly be a substitute for the already boring Minecraft game.

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