Guide on Types of Trees in Minecraft 2023

Huge Fungus
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One of the most important resources in Minecraft is the wood of a tree. Wood will be very useful especially at the beginning of the game when you want to make a crafting table.

This time, VCGamers will discuss about the seven types of trees that you can find in Minecraft. Of course, each tree has its own uniqueness and different biomes.

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List of Minecraft Tree Types

The following are seven types of Minecraft trees that you might find while playing. Apart from that, there is also information about pictures and places where you can find all the trees below.

Azalea Tree

Azalea Tree in Minecraft. Source: Gamepur

The Azalea tree is a very rare variant of the oak tree. You can find Azalea trees in various biomes, but it will be difficult because they are quite rare.

There are azalea leaves and flowers like the picture above. These flowers can be decorated according to taste minecraft house.

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Acacia Tree

Big Acacia Tree
Big Acacia Tree. Source: Reddit/u/create1ders

The next tree is named Acacia. Acacia is often found with quite large and tall wood. Unlike other trees, Acacia has a dark color on the outside but is orange on the inside.

Acacia is often found in the savanna biome, so you don't need to look carefully because this tree is not as close as Azalea.

There are many uses for this tree. You can make the resulting wood into various equipment and later the equipment will have an orange color like a boat.

Huge Fungus

Huge Fungus
Huge Fungus Tree. Source: Minecraft Feedback

The Nether Biome also has quite a lot of trees. The tree in the Nether biome is called Huge Fungus. You can find Huge Fungus in the Nether biome and are not that rare.

Like the picture above, Huge Fungus has lots of vines surrounding the maroon wood.

You can use these vines to climb. In addition, there are also shroomlights surrounding the Huge Fungus trees in the Nether biome.

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Minecraft Oak Tree. Source: Reddit/r/Minecraft

Oak trees are trees that players often encounter because they are the most numerous trees in the world of Minecraft.

It doesn't take up much space like Acacia, oak trees only grow in one block like the picture above. Apart from that, you can also plant oak trees in shallow water.

Due to the large number of oak trees, you can of course find them in various biomes. For example, there are oak trees in the Savanna, swamp, river, forest, and mountain biomes.


Dark Oak Tree. Source: Minecraft Forums

After the oak, there is the dark oak which has a darker color than the oak. As the name suggests, this tree has wood with a dark color on the outside and inside.

Unlike the common oak, dark oak does not exist in most biomes. Therefore, dark oak trees are quite rare and you can find them in the dark forest biome.

With a darker color, the various materials that you produce from dark oak wood will also have a darker color.

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Minecraft Jungle Tree

Minecraft Jungle Tree
Minecraft Jungle Tree. Source: Reddit/r/Minecraft

Jungle trees are quite varied trees in the Minecraft game. You can find various variations of this tree in the forest edge biome.

They will be quite tall but only take up three to four blocks. Apart from that, you can also find this tree in quite a large number in one biome.

Players can take various kinds of resources from this tree, for example forest wood and vines. You can use these vines as stairs.

Minecraft Birches

Minecraft Birches
Minecraft Birches. Source:

The last type of Minecraft tree is a birch tree. This tree has a white color and is quite easy to find.

Birch trees are similar to oak trees in size and shape, but differ in color. Usually, players will find this tree in the birch forest biome.

Like any other tree, resources produced from birch wood are white, matching the color of the wood of the tree.

Thus the discussion about the various types of trees in Minecraft, hope this is useful!

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