Tips for Mastering the Zone in PUBGM, Write This Down!

PUBGM is a mobile version of the battle royale game called PUBG. In this game, of course, there are strategies that players need to know. One such important strategy is mastering the zone in PUBGM.

This time, VCGamers will discuss effective tips that you can apply when you want to master a zone in PUBGM. By guarding a zone, you can get the highest ranking and survive more easily.

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Effective Tips for Mastering the Zone in PUBGM

Mastering a zone will be very beneficial because you can survive more easily and get a higher ranking. Mastering a zone requires several activities, such as always being on the lookout for enemies. Come on, see the following tips for mastering the zone in PUBGM!

Prepare Weapons and Utilities

Weapons in PUBGM
Weapons in PUBGM. Source: KreedOn

Preparing weapons is very crucial in PUBGM. The reason is, you can kill enemies easily using good weapons, for example, complete weapons with attachments.

Having a full attachment weapon is very important when guarding and mastering the zone in PUBG. Mastering the zone requires you to kill other players.

Therefore, preparing weapons with attachments will be very helpful when you want to guard or invade a zone.

Apart from preparing weapons with attachments, you also have to have utilities that are useful for guarding a zone. For example, you can use smoke or grenades.

Other utilities can be in the form of bandages, energy drinks, and medical kits. You can use these utilities to the advantage of each team, so you can control a zone better.

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Always Be Alert of Danger from All Angles

Check PUBGM Corner
Checking the Angle on Top of the House. Source: YouTube/Levinho

Guarding a zone will be very difficult if you are not aware of your surroundings. As we already know, PUBGM is a Battle Royale game so of course there will be lots of players hanging around.

Therefore, you must always be vigilant about other players who might kill you. Always looking at corners and looking for danger will really help when trying to dominate the zone.

When you are alert and see enemies around the zone, then you can determine what you can do. If you are confident, then you can shoot enemies and kill them.

If not, then you can hide and strategize. Guarding a zone is easier when playing with friends in Squad or Duo modes.

By keeping with friends, every corner will be more awake. What's more, when you are in a house that is in the zone, it will be easier to do this.

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Search Vehicles for Rotation Preparation

Vehicles to Conquer Zones in PUBGM
Vehicles to Conquer Zones in PUBGM. Source: YouTube/PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

It's impossible for every zone in PUBGM to be in an area near the player. Therefore, players must have a vehicle to make it easier to go to the next zone.

Actually, you can rotate without using a vehicle. However, the vehicle will be very helpful because it will withstand damage from enemy fire and of course be faster.

You can find vehicles in various places. Each vehicle has different characteristics, for example normal car and motorbikes.

However, using a car does not always mean that you will be safe. Other players can just shoot vehicles continuously and blow up the vehicle you are riding.

So, looking for a vehicle will be very useful, but you still have to be careful when using the vehicle.

Don't forget to boot

Loot in PUBGM. Source: YouTube/Ninjas in Pajamas

This time we will discuss activities that are a favorite of PUBGM players, namely looting. This activity is so popular with PUBGM players that they forget to kill enemies.

However, there are still many players who feel that it is enough to boot in the early game. However, in reality you have to continue looting in the home area or in the corpses of enemies who have been eliminated.

Looting even from mid-game to late-game in a zone is very important. Most likely, the loot that is in the enemy or in the usual places will be very useful and you haven't had it before.

Thus the discussion regarding effective tips for mastering a zone in PUBGM, hope this is useful and get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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