Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's Fun Racing on Mobile

mario kart tour
Mario Kart is a challenging game when enjoyed with other players online. Mario Kart game is fun to run from Nintendo 3DS, Switch
as well as smartphones of course. For use on smartphones, Mario Kart Tour has now been launched as a successor to the previous series. But is Mario Kart Tour as interesting to play as the Mario Kart series?
Mario Kart Tour Just Play on Mobile
Players will meet a number of characters from the Super Mario Bros. series with go-kart racing missions on the streets. Certainly not just Mario, Bowser
or Luigi, players can also meet many other figures such as Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Peach, and Yoshi. During the race, a number of things
selectable eg circuit and car type. Players will also choose a glider to make it easier for the racing car to float in the air. The engine capacity can also be selected from the smallest 50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc, up to 200 cc.
In this Mario Kart Tour game, players are only given the opportunity to race two laps. This is one thing that makes it different from the older versions of the game.
The chance of only two laps means that players will lose the opportunity to outperform their opponents just because they have had one shot. Mario
Kart Tour makes use of touch controls. The racing car moves forward by itself, and players just have to swipe left or right. Then to shoot, players just swipe up for a shot forward or swipe down for a shot back.
If the player turns for a long time, the vehicle will drift by itself. The speed will increase when the player releases his finger from the turning position, which is called Automatic Drifting.
In Mario Kart Tour getting first place is not the main goal. Here the score applies where the one who gets the highest final total wins. Each aspect has its own score. The score is then totaled by the score from the race, such as when getting a boost, shooting opponents, or other things. If the player can reach a certain number of scores, they will get a star (Grand Star) to unlock the next racing circuit. The higher the level plus the number of characters, cars, or gliders obtained, it means the higher the score obtained during the race.
Pretty Detailed Visual
Mario Kart Tour offers very detailed visual quality, almost matching the graphics of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. Even the resulting frame rate
stable enough so that the sensation of racing becomes very exciting. This shows that Nintendo is really serious about presenting a quality game even though it's outside the platform. Mario Kart Tour has a variety of Cups or championships that can be unlocked using Grand Stars. Each Cup includes four race.
Mario Kart Tour brought 34 figures even though they only differ in costumes. For example, Mario character wearing a musician costume, Mario metal genre, Peach in Kimono outfit, and several others. For now players can play single or multiplayer online modes. For multiplayer mode, Mario Kart Tour allows players to compete with 7 other players, be it friends who are registered in the game or other players from around the world. Players can also try to complete challenges, for example being at the forefront 3 times in a row which will get rewards, one of which is in the form of Ruby, which is a paid currency.
Two Kinds of Currencies
Mario Kart Tour offers two currency options, namely Coin and Ruby. Coins can be collected during the race, while Ruby must be paid for
with real money but it can also be done by doing certain challenges as described above. Coin applies to pay various
needs such as tickets to renew cars, buy cars, gliders, and characters. It's just that in this game the number of coins that can be
players are limited to a maximum of only 300 Coins per day. While Ruby currency is quite expensive too, the pack with 48 Ruby
priced at Rp. 389,000.
The Mario Kart Tour game in quality is quite good with interesting content as entertainment in your spare time. Presence on the platform
Android smartphones are certainly fun because players can enjoy them anywhere, any time while lying in their room or when they are bored completing tasks that are still piling up.
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